Ashton Cup


18 entries (one down on 2014) - For full draw and results from this knockout please see the Results icon of the site

FINAL - Wrockwardine Wood v St Georges at Hadley USC on Saturday, 5 September (6.30pm), referee Bob Mumford

Wrockwardine Wood’s staggering run of success in the league's main knockout for Monday teams knows no end after a fantastic fifth triumph in six years.

But they didn’t have it all their own way against fellow fourth division team St Georges, who battled all the way before going down by 22 shots after the handicap was taken into account.

Despite having just one winner in the first four, the Dragons were only 13 adrift and they looked to be in with a real shout as John Palin opened up a big early lead at No.7.

But in the end the Wrockites, with seven players remaining from last year’s successful team, had just a little too much for a St Georges side with a good many newcomers to the game who did non-playing captain Rose Southgate proud.

Bob Elcock received the trophy from County President Mike Potter, who said: “Well done to Wrockwardine Wood and commiserations to St Georges, who now have the Harris Cup final to look forward to on September 19.” 

Full final scores – St Georges 174+9=183 Wrockwardine Wood 203+2=205:

Will O’Hara 21 Shirley Jones 19, Eddie Brown 20 Bob Elcock 21, Mike Humphries 19 Roy Crofts 21, Sue Humphries 9 Dennis Sims 21, Peter Roberts 14 Keith Millington 21.

Richard Griggs 14 Barry Griffin 21, John Palin 21 Ian Jones 20, Richard Oliver 18 Eddie Thorner 21, Jean Roberts 17 Stuart PRice 21, Sue Gregory 21 Roger Cotton 18.

2014 COMPETITION - now as 5-home, 5-away KO with 19 entries

Final on Saturday, September 6, on Bowring No. 2 (old green) with a 6.30pm start.

Allscott (+7) v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4, +6)

Who can stop Wrockwardine Wood winning the Ashton Cup?  That’s the question being asked in league circles following their fourth triumph in five fantastic years.

The Wrockies latest success came as they beat fourth division rivals Allscott by 50 shots in the first 10-a-side final of the competition, played on Bowring’s old green.

But they were pushed all the way early on by the village club, Allscott’s supporters encouraging them well to keep the deficit down to just three shots after a shared first four.

However, from the moment Roy Crofts went 12-0 up in his game at No. 5, Wrockwardine seem likely winners – and Tim Cotton put the icing on the cake with a superb 21-2 success near the end.

Allscott’s cause was not helped by club secretary Fiona Waland, by her own admission, letting slip a big lead before winning 21-18.

But skipper Bob Elcock’s side are proving nearly unbeatable in this KO and he received the trophy from league chairman Sean Round before paying tribute to Phil King for organising the competition.

Final scores - Wrockwardine Wood 199+6+205 Allscott 148+7+155:

Ollie Wall 21 Steve Everton 11, Dennis Sims 19 Gary Cheeseman 21, Eddie Thorner 15 Jade Brookes 21, Bob Elcock 21 Angie Taylor 20, Roy Crofts 21 Barrie Lloyd 10.

Barry Griffin 21 Paul Mills 11, Frank Marsh 18 Fiona Waland 21, Ian Jones 21 Dan Brentnall 13, Tim Cotton 21 Dale Pritchard 2, Roger Cotton 21 Ryan Mills 18.

Semi-final results from Wednesday, August 20:

Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4,+6) beat Shifnal (Div 5, +14), Allscott (+7) beat  Sinclair (Div 4,+4).

PLEASE NOTE: Wrockwardine Wood were declared winners of their semi-final tie against Shifnal after delegates at the league's September management meeting on Tuesday the 2nd voted 12-2 that WW had not broken the rules of the competition, Ollie Wall not being on a Registered 8 when their squad was submitted before the start of the season.

Quarter-final results from Wednesday, July 23:

Ercall Magna (+19) lost to Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4, +6), Abbey (+15) lost to Shifnal (Div 5, +14), Allscott (+7) beat Maddocks (+20), Sinclair (Div 4, +4) beat St Georges (+10).

First round results from Wednesday, April 16:

TOP HALF - Bylet (+13) lost to Ercall Magna (+19), Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4, +6) beat Sir John Bayley (+5), Horsehay (+2) lost to Abbey (+15), Shifnal (Div 5, +14) beat Sinclair (DIv 6, +34).
BOTTOM HALF - Allscott (+7) beat Worfield (+16), Maddocks (+20) beat Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5, +21), Sinclair (Div 4, +4) beat Highley (+23), St Georges (+10) beat Shifnal (Div 6, +32).

Preliminary round results from Wednesday, April 9:

Bowring (+18) lost to Bylet (13), Ercall Magna (+19) beat Trench (+17), Donnington Wood (+3) lost to Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4, +6).   

2013 Final played Saturday, August 31, at Hadley USC – 6.30pm start

Sir John Bayley (+12) v Wrockwardine Wood (+11)

Wrockwardine Wood’s liking for the Ashton Cup is as strong as ever after a third triumph in four years. They edged to an eight shot victory over Sir John Bayley at Hadley USC in the final of the main knockout for Molson Coors Mid Shropshire League's Monday teams.

Despite being hit by a number of bowlers being unavailable, including skipper Bob Elcock, the Wrockites won seven of the 12 games and got over the line thanks mainly to Mio Kontic’s 21-4 card in the back four.

That helped offset 21-7 wins for the Bayley by imperious league president Jeff Hutchinson and Barry Hopkins on what was a poignant night for one Wrockwardine bowler. For 70-year-old Alan Morgan was one of their emergency call ups, the last time he had played in a big tie against the Bayley being the 1964 County Cup final that was drawn.

Morgan won 21-14 in the first four and finished on the winning side in the clash of the fourth division rivals, stand-in skipper Ian Jones receiving the trophy from league chairman and staunch Bayley man Dennis Lewis. Their cause was not helped by one key absence, that of skipper Denise Tonks.

Final scores Sir John Bayley (+12) 208 Wrockwardine Wood (+11) 216:

June Lewis14 Roy Crofts 21, Rita Oldham 14 Alan Morgan 21, Joan Coulborn 15 Dennis Sims 21, Jeff Hutchinson 21 Barry Griffin 7.

Dave Kilford 21 Brian Neville 15, Ken Rickus 18 Ian Jones 21, Barry Hopkins 21 Bernard Downes 7, Dickie Oliver 7 Frank Marsh 21.

Eric Reynolds 19 Josh Cotton 21, Steve Miles 21 Tim Cotton 13, Darren Rhoades 4 Mio Kontic 21, Anthony Reeves 21 Roger Cotton 16.
Referee: Mike Potter.

Final to be played on Saturday, August 31 -at Hadley USC, 6.30pm start, dress code rules:
The winners in 2010 and '11 Wrockwardine Wood versus their division four rivals Sir John Bayley
Semi-finals results from Thursday, August 15:

Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4) beat Bowring
Albrighton lost to Sir John Bayley
Albrighton edged to a three shot win over Horsehay in the quarter-finals of the league’s main team knockout for its Monday night sides.

They will now meet Sir John Bayley in the semi-finals on August 15 after the Wellington side saw off Maddocks thanks to a fine showing away from home.

But holders Bylet were humbled by Wrockwardine Wood (div 4) as the Telford side avenged their defeat in last year’s final with a huge win in leg at the Bridgnorth club. The Wrockites and will now take on Bowring, the quarter-final conquerors of Trench.
Quarter-final ties on Thursday, July 24:
Bylet v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4), Trench v Bowring, Horsehay v Albrighton, Maddocks v Sir John Bayley.
First round ties on Thursday, May 23:
Bylet v Ercall Magna, Allscott (Div 4) v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4), Trench v St Georges, Donnington Wood v Bowring.
Horsehay v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5), Albrighton v Sinclair (Div 4), Maddocks v Abbey, Charlton v Sir John Bayley.
Preliminary round results:
Bylet (+16) beat Madeley Cricket Club (+2), Ercall Magna (+13) beat Sinclair (Div 6, +33), Allscott (+7) beat Highley (+25), Worfield (+18) lost to Wrockwardine Wood (Div 4, +11), Trench (+19) beat Broseley (+6).
2012 FINAL on Saturday, September 1 - 6.30pm start at Bowring old green (dress code rules apply):
Holders Wrockwardine Wood (+15) v Bylet (+2)

Bylet have ended Wrockwardine Wood’s stranglehold on the Ashton Cup. The Bridgnorth club battled back from behind to beat the holders of the Worthington’s Mid Shropshire League’s main KO crown for Monday teams in the final at Bowring.

A fine 21-8 card at No 1 from young Phil Jones put the Wrockites on the way to a 21 shot lead after the first four on Saturday night, but Bylet won three of the middle four – British Ladies Merit quarter-finalist Holly Bishton best with 21-6 – to get right back into it.

Dick Pinches’ 21-11 win at No 9 put Bylet ahead and not even Jackie Rutter’s same score win for the Wood at No 11 could save them from a 12 shot defeat to end their two year reign as holders.

League president Jeff Hutchinson presented the trophy to Bylet captain Rob Renke, who took great pride in the club’s first success in the competition since 2002.

Final scores - Bylet 207+20+227, Wrockardine Wood 200+15=215:

Henry Morris 8 Phil Jones 21, Peter Jones 21 Dennis Sims 16, Oliver Speke 16 Bob Elcocks 21, Dave Durrant 13 Barry Griffin 21.
Sue Corfield 15 Alex Rutter 21, Jim Rawlings 21 Roy Crofts 11, Holly Bishton 21 Luke Walmsley 6, Les Brown 21 Harry Walmsley 12.
Dick Pinches 21 Jodie Rutter 11, Mike Corfield 18 Mio Kontic 21, Adrian Pope 11 Jackie Rutter 21, Rob Renke 21 Roger Cotton 18.
SEMI-FINAL results from Thursday, August 16:

Wrockwardine Wood (+15) beat Wrockwardine Wood (+38)

Sir John Bayley (+18) lost to Bylet (+20)



Wrockwardine Wood (+15) beat Madeley CC (+5) 

Bowring (+16) lost to Wrockwardine Wood (Div 6, +38)

Sinclair (+9) lost to Sir John Bayley (+18)

Broseley (+10) lost to Bylet (+20).


FIRST ROUND results to date in the main team event for Monday night sides are:

Wrockwardine Wood (+15) beat Trench (+1), Madeley CC (+5) beat St Georges (+14), Bowring (+16) beat Shifnal (+8), Wrockwardine Wood (+38) beat Allscott (+6).

Maddocks (+11) lost to Sinclair (+9), Sir John Bayley (+18) beat Abbey (+19), Charlton (+12) lost to Broseley (+10), Ercall Magna (+22) lost to Bylet (+20).

The one preliminary round tie saw Horsehay (+7) beaten by Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5, +15)


2011 FINAL

Holders Wrockwardine Wood powered to victory over Ercall Magna on Saturday, September 3, at Hadley USC (6.30pm start).
They had nine winners out of 12 against the 2009 Ashton Shield winners to triumph 237-174 after the 19 shot handicap difference had been taken into account.
Wood captain Ian Jones received the trophy from county president George Edge, who was one of the Ercall winners in front of a decent size crowd on a green in superb condition.
Leading the way for the Wrockites were Shirley Jones (21-3), skipper Jones (21-6) and youngsters Philip Jones (21-8) and Josh Cotton (21-9).
Semi-final ties on Thursday, July 28: Ercall Magna (+20) v Donnington Wood (+12), Wrockwardine Wood (+1) v Maddocks (+10)
1993 Madeley CC; ' 94 Bylet; '95 Donnington Wood; '96 St Georges; '97 St Georges; '98 Donnington Wood; '99 Charlton / Bylet; 2000 Wrockwardine Wood.
2001 Bowring; '02 Bylet; '03 SJ Bayley; '04 British Sugar; '05 SJ Bayley; '06 Madeley CC; '07 Wrockwardine Wood; '08 Sinclair; '09 Charlton; '10 Wrockwardine Wood.