Ashton Shield

 2015 COMPETITION - please see draw under the Results icon of the site

Preliminary round WEDS 6TH May; 1st round WEDS 20TH May; 2nd round WEDS 22nd July

Semi-finals WEDS 5th Aug: Donnington Wood v Worfield, Albrighton v Sinclair D

FINAL - SATURDAY/SUNDAY 22-23 August: Donnington Wood v Albrighton at Bowring 'Premier' green, 6.30pm start - dress code rules to apply

It took them best part of 24 hours to get the job done, but Albrighton are the new holders of the Ashton Shield.

They beat last year’s winners Donnington Wood in a thrilling final of the league’s consolation KO title for Monday teams that was played over two nights.

Torrential rain, thunder and lightning forced the game on Bowring’s Premier green to be abandoned on Saturday evening with the first four games still on, battle being resumed the next night.

And what a battle it was, fourth division leaders Albrighton winning seven of the 10 games but only coming out on top by a mere two shots once the 10 chalk handicap difference was taken into account.

In fact division five pacestters Donnington were right in the hunt when Gwyn Jones won 21-7 in the middle and Ray Bilton 21-11 at No.9, but experienced last man George Law kept his nerve to clinch it for ABC with a 21-11 card - his moment of triumph by wife June hurrying across the green to give him a big hug!

Full Final scores – Donnington Wood 171+14=185 Albrighton 183+4=187:

Albert Whitehouse 21 Pete Gregory 18, Shirley Martin 12 Alan Vilton 21, Glyn Meredith 18 Nick Stroudley 21, Eddie Gillespie 15 Chrstine Kane 21, Gwyn Jones 21 Joe Ashford 7.

Warren Barber 18 Elaine Gregory 21, Kevin Emlyn 18 June Law 21, George Emlyn 16 Gerry Connolly 21, Ray Bilton 21 Chris Gregory 11, Matthew Pooler 11 George Law 21.

Referee: Bob Mumford. 

2014 COMPETITION (five home-five away consolation KO for early losers in the Ashton Cup)

Final on Saturday, August 30 at Hadley USC (6.30pm) - Donnington Wood (+3) v Worfield (+16)

Donnington Wood won a battle of the table toppers to land the Ashton Shield. The Bell Boys, clear leaders of division four, beat division five pacesetters Worfield with something to spare in the final of the consolation KO for Monday teams.
They reeled off the first eight winners at Hadley USC in the first ever 10-a-side climax to the competition before the south Shropshire village club salvaged some pride by taking the last two games.
George Emlyn and Philip Edwards were single figure winners for Donnington who, despite owing 13 shots on handicap, won by 48 to show that they are ready for promotion to field two teams again on Friday nights.
Worfield, division six champions in 2011, battled all the way for skipper Doug Russell and Tony Jones and John Preece were their consolation winners before league chairman Sean Round presented the trophy to winning skipper Graham Walters.
Final scores - Donnington Wood 197+3=200 beat Worfield 136+16=152 by 48 shots:
Robert Hart 21 Doug Russell 9, Albert Whitehouse 21 John Edwards 19, George Emlyn 21 Roger Crook 6, Cath Massey 21 Lizzie Preece 10, Kevin Emlyn 21 Shirley Quinn 10.
Philip Edwards 21 Brian Tisdale 8, Warren Barber 21 Andrew Perry 13, Eddie Gillespie 21 Jackie Perry 19, Matthew Pooler 20 Tony Jones 21, Roy Biddulph 9 John Preece 21.
Referee: Mike Potter.

Semi-final results from Wednesday, August 6:Donnington Wood (+3) beat Bylet (+13), Horsehay (+2) lost to Worfield (+16).

Quarter-final results from Wednesday 2 July: Donnington Wood (+3) beat Bowring (+18), Highley (+23) lost to Bylet (+13), Horsehay (+2) beat Sinclair (Div 6, +34). Sir John Bayley (+5) lost to Worfield (+16) in a tie that was brought forward by agreement.

Results from Preliminary round ties, scheduled to be played on Wednesday 7 May: Donnington Wood (+3) beat Trench (+17), Bowring (+18) beat Shifnal (Div 6, +32), Highley (+23) beat Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5, +21).

2013 FINAL played on the re-arranged date of Thursday, September 5, at Bowring (old green) - 6.30pm start, dress code rules:

Sinclair (+9) beat Allscott (+7) by 47:

It had all the makings of being a really close Ashton Shield final - until Sinclair’s last four powered them to a convincing success over Allscott.

There were just six shots in it after eight blocks as they battled it out for the consolation team prize for the league's Monday night sides on the old green at Bowring.

Sinclair led by 13 after four thanks mainly to Lee Hall’s 21-7 card, but Allscott had three winners in the middle - topped by Wendy Holdnall’s 21-10 – to cut the deficit to just six and be in with a real shout.

Captain Stuart Church’s Sinclair side went into overdrive then though, producing a clean sweep of the back four with two single figure winners to end up 47 chalks to the good as the Ketley club's resurgence reaped its first reward.

Final scores - Allscott 179+7=186, Sinclair 224+9=233:

Tony Hayward 21 Joe Housley 16, Jonathan Waland 21 Kevin Hall 15, June Thompson 7 Lee Hall 21, Jade Brookes 11 Brian Broome 21.

Becky Wedge 21 Chris Morrissey 20, Ange Taylor 11 Les Willis 21, Steve Everton 21 Debra Debanks 16, Wendy Holdnall 21 Phil Venables 10.

Barrie Lloyd 19 Debbie Nisbet 21, Kevin Waland 6 Derek Ball 21, Fiona Waland 20 Andy Debanks 21, Dale Pritchard 0 Mel Wynne 21.

Semi-final results:

Madeley Cricket Club lost to Sinclair (Div 4) on Thursday, August 8

Allscott (+7) beat Charlton (+10) in a tie replayed on Thursday, August 22, by order of the league's officers. This followed a formal objection from Allscott to Chris France, who had only played one Monday night game this season before the tie, playing for Charlton - contrary to Rule 3.

Quarter-final results fromThursday, June 27:

Broseley lost to Madeley Cricket Club
Highley or Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5) lost to Sinclair (DIv 4)
Allscott beat Sinclair (Div 6)
Charlton beat Ercall Magna

Preliminary round ties for Thursday, June 6:

St Georges v Broseley, Madeley Cricket Club v Donnington Wood, Highley v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 5), Worfield v Sinclair (Div 4).
Abbey v Allscott.
Byes: Sinclair (Div 6), Charlton and the winners of the Ercall Magna v Bylet Ashton Cup tie.
Round one - Top half of the draw is self explanatory. In the bottom half, the winners of the Abbey v Allscott tie will play SInclair (DIv 6) and Charlton will play the losers of the Ercall Magna v Bylet tie.

2012 FINAL on Thursday, August 30

6.30pm start at Hadley USC (dress code rules apply):

St Georges (+14) v Shifnal (+8)

Shifnal have surely made Shropshire bowls history by winning two trophies in the space of six hours.

Victory in the Mid Shropshire Senior Citizens League’s division two knockout final on Thursday afternoon was followed by an Ashton Shield triumph that same night. And those successes are the perfect fillip after a season that has seen two key officials of the club resign from their posts.

Shifnal A swept to victory over Bowring B by 13 shots in the seniors’ division two showdown on the old green at Wrockwardine Wood, leading to non-playing captain Alan Jones lifting the trophy. Two members of the team - John Cowan and Dave Horne - were later part of the Ashton Shield-winning side at Hadley USC, where 11 winners out of 12 saw off St Georges by 50.

An impressive performance to win 21-1 by Danny Wilson put the icing on the cake of a day to cherish for Shifnal, who are also top of division four in the Worthignton's Mid Shropshire League.

Ashton Shield final – Shifnal 249+8=257, St Georges 193+14=207:
Dave Horne 21 Vicky Turner 12; Chelsea Mills 21 Jean Roberts 15; Mick Williams 21 Sue Gregory 20; John Cowan 21 Cynthia Bishop 19; Stan Willetts 21 Neil Stones 20; Danny Wilson 21 Rose Southgate 1.
Graham McCarthy 18 Peter Roberts 21; Eddie Brookes 21 Sylvia Shotton 19; Maz Taylor 21 Joan Edwards 18; Paul Mills 21 Steve Wightman 15; Eddie Cherrington 21 Paul Chambers 15; Ian Wheeler 21 Steve Pessall 18.

SEMI-FINAL results from Thursday, August 16:

Maddocks +35 lost to St Georges +14

Allscott +6 lost to Shifnal +8

QUARTER-FINAL results on July 26:

Maddocks +35 beat Trench +21

Ercall Magna +22 lost to St Georges +14

Allscott +6 beat Horsehay +7

Abbey +19 lost to Shifnal +8

There was just one preliminary round tie in the 2012 consolation KO for Monday night teams - and Maddocks (now back playing in division six as requested) +35 beat Charlton +12.

2011 FINAL

Madeley Cricket Club retained the trophy with a 15 shot victory over Highey in the final on Thursday, August 18, at Bowring (old green) 6.30pm start.
Playing off scratch, the reigning fourth division champions had nine winners out of 12 against brave Highley to overcome a 32 shot handicap disadvantage.
Reg Bennett with a 21-5 card at No 4 led Madeley's clean sweep of the first four, but John Parsons won 21-15 at No 8 to give Highley a glimmer of hope.
Yet when last man Ron Smith won 21-8 for the villagers at No 12 it was too late as Madeley 233+0=233 had beaten Highley 186+32=218 by 15, leaving skipper Gill Chambers to collect the shield from Bowring vice-chairperson Kate Suggett.

Semi-final ties on Thursday, July 28, were:

Highley (+32) v Wrockwardine Wood (+22), Worfield (+40) v Madeley CC (div 4, scratch)

Thursday, July 7, was quarter-finals night when the ties were:

Highley (+32) v Allscott (+15), Madeley CC (+33) v Wrockwardine Wood (+22), Worfield (+40) v Horsehay (+2), Abbey (+13) v Madeley CC (div 4, scratch)

Five preliminary round ties were played on Thursday, June 16:

Charlton v Highley, Sir John Bayley v Allscott, Madeley (div 6) v Shifnal, Bylet v Wrockwardine Wood, Sinclair v Worfield

The following teams all had byes:

Horsehay, Abbey, Madeley (div4)


1991 Donnington Wood; '92 SJ Bayley II; '93 Horsehay; '94 Broseley; '95 Donnington Wood; '96 Newport; '97 Bylet / Charlton; '98 Newport; '99 Broseley.

2000 Coddon; '01 Madeley CC; '02 Coddon; '03 Coddon; '04 Madeley CC; '05 Maddocks II; '06 Bylet; '07 British Sugar; '08 Coddon; '09 Ercall Magna; '10 Madeley CC.