The details of the nominated greens; for teams playing within clubs who have more than one green, can be found below. Any queries regarding green allocation, need to be made to the league Fixture Secretary (Ric Hudson).

Nominated Greens

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Nominated Greens for the 2019 Season

 Team Division Nominated Green
 Bowring A 1No 1
 Bowring B     3No 2
 Bowring C    No 2
 BowringDL Thu Div No 1
 Bylet A  1No 1
 Bylet B 2No 2
 Bylet C 5No1
 Donn Wood A    1No 1
 Donn Wood B 3No 1
 Donn Wood C  4No 1
 Donn Wood D 6No 1
 Donn Wood Sat No 1
 Newport  A 1No1
 Newport B 2No2
 Newport C  3No 2
 Newport D 5No 2
 Newport E 6No 2
 Newport  DL Thu DivNo 2
 SJB-A Top 
 SJB-B2 Top
 SJB-C 4 Bottom
 SJB-D  Bottom
 SJB DL Thu Div  Bottom
 SJBSat  Bottom
 W Wood A  1Old 
 W Wood B 2 New
 W Wood C  4 New
 W Wood   DL Thu Div Old
 W Wood  Sat New

Albrighton Bowls Club Summer Fayre

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Albrighton bowling club are holding their Summer Fayre on Sunday 10 Jun 18. If you wish to come along you will be made more than welcome, however as the Cosford Airshow is on at the same time you need to be aware of traffic issues, please visit the clubs website Click Here for details on how to circumvent these.

Club AGMs . . .

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Trench will prepare for a season in the first division at the club's 2018 AGM on Friday 19th January at 7.30pm in the clubhouse.

"Potential new members are most welcome to attend," said Dave Evans, secretary of the 2017 division two champions.

But Sinclair, having retained the Saturday Division crown, are even quicker off the mark with their AGM set for Thursday 18th January with a 7.30pm start at their Ketley HQ

Ashton Shield winners Allscott have their AGM on Saturday 27th January at 8pm, followed by a signing on session from 8.30.

Dennis Lewis Thursday Division champions Sir John Bayley follow on Sunday 28th January and they club they pipped to that title, Bowring, hold heir annual meeting on Monday 29th January (7.30pm).

And Charlton's annual general meeting has been set for Friday 2nd February at 7.30pm in Hadley Rest Room.

Last but not least, Donnington Wood, who just managed to avoid the drop from division one last season, hold their AGM on Wednesday 7th February.



Minutes Of September Meeting

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Minutes of the September Management Committee Meeting - held on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, at the Sir John Bayley Club



17/79 Chairman’s remarks to open the meeting

It was a bit sparse tonight. Commiserations to the Veterans Inter League team as they couldn’t win it again. Well done to Harry Church on winning the Under 18 Merit, Tom Killen for the Under 15 Merit, and to Wrockwardine Wood for the Ashton Cup and Allscott for the Ashton Shield.


17/80  Apologies & In Memoria

Apologies were received from Steve Roberts, Phil King, Dave Winwood, Jon Palmer, Dave Evans, Graham Walters, Kevin Hall, Adrian Smith & Celia Miles.

In memoria were our former Vice-Chairman Jim Lord (Sinclair), Frank Edwards (Wrock Wood) & Elaine Grace (Newport).


17/81 Minutes of the July Executive Committee Meeting & EGM

Subject to correction under 17/67 of “Fred Newbold” instead of “Frank Newbold” it was proposed by Madeley Cricket Club and seconded by Much Wenlock that these were a true record. All agreed.


17/82 Matters arising

There were no matters arising.


17/83 General Secretary’s report

Evening all! There’s two months worth to get through as there is no meeting in August so let’s get cracking . . . but first do we have 8 for a quorum as required by the new rules passed at the EGM in July!

The best news is that there’s nothing to worry about regarding the Molson Coors sponsorship deal as Midlands rep Ashley Paterson, who attended the dinner last year, has assured me this year’s payment is in hand. And he’s sourcing me a new, bigger sponsorship banner to put up at league events.

Sadly we did not retain the Shropshire veterans inter-league championship as skipper Tony Roche was hit by player problems in the day.

But there should be no shortage of players at Newport now as we have agreed to them registering novices recruited at a successful open day earlier this year.

I have been informed about a couple of issues by Bridgnorth relating to league fixtures – one a Saturday game at Donnington Wood that clashed with a charity function with booming music and the other last Friday’s division two match at Broseley when two of their players, having started their games, had to leave for hospital as one had been taken ill, They were husband and wife and we may not have heard the last of that one . . .

With the end of season fast approaching I have supplied all member clubs with details of Mike Humphries’ green services as the league did encourage him to set up the business – and I am told his charges are more than reasonable.

The list of topics for the Sub Group to discuss after the October Executive meeting grows ever longer – the latest I have added being that I feel the League should pay a green fee to all clubs who host finals for us – even if it as little as £10. The club can then either give it to the greenkeeper or put it in their kitty.

Talking of finals, I think the League needs to look more closely when competition secretary Phil King reveals his dates for a season – and we never want another cup final on a bank holiday weekend again! It causes everyone too many headaches.

That’s it from me, but if anyone has any suggestions for potential assistant secretary for next year – or people they think we should approach - then please let me know. Thank you


17/84 Correspondence


RECEIVED 2nd September– from Dawn Morris of Shawbury’s Elephant & Castle BC:


Dear Malcolm


Elephant & Castle BC would like to request permission to enter a team in the Mid Shropshire Thursday night league for the 2018 season please. 

We have a huge amount of interest in the league and sufficient numbers to warrant an application.  I would be grateful if you would take this email as our official application and look forward to hearing from you. 

Many thanks


Dawn Gray – Secretary, Elephant & Castle BC


RECEIVED 28th July from Dave Taylor of ECC BC in Wolverhampton:


Dear Sirs,

ECC Bowling Club would like to request you consider us to enter a team in the Mid Shropshire League on a Friday evening. 

We feel this is a very well run league and another team entering into it would be good for the game of bowls as a whole at the moment.

There have been a few leagues fold in our area recently so we are now looking to play further afield and Mid-Shropshire fits into our area perfectly.

We would be very grateful for a favourable outcome and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Dave Taylor - ECC Bowling Club

RECEIVED 27th July from Joe Lockley of Energize:


Hi Malcolm,

Firstly, please let me know as soon as you hear back from Sport England,

Also would you be able to share the following Grow Your Club workshop.

It is a workshop that I’m putting on at University Centre Shrewsbury on Thursday21st September, 6:30pm

This is one of the best workshops I have been on, giving you unique ideas about how to grow the audience of your club, and will really make you think more differently about club growth


All details can be found on this link -


Thank you,

Joe Lockley


17/85 Fixture Secretary’s report

  • Congratulations to Sinclair for winning the Saturday league.

  • I would like to remind all clubs that I need to be informed of any postponed matches and the re-arranged date within 7 days of the original fixture date. The rearranged date should be within 28 days of the original date, if the match is not played within 28 days then both clubs can be fined £25.

  • Any club wishing to rearrange a fixture must play it before the original fixture date, if any club does play the fixture after the original date apart from rule 14 a, b and c will be fined £25 and a minimum of 10 points deducted from their playing record. (clash with a Shropshire fixture, inclement weather and a bereavement within the club)

  • There were discussions about the games surrounding Hadley USC and Highley and Bowring versus Newport. Malcolm Fletcher said the game should be arranged when the greens were free.

  • Steve Wall said Ric had picked up Albrighton on their registered eights. There needs to be a process of checking them that is an open and transparent process.

17/86  Shifnal protest

The General Secretary informed the room of what was happening. We had an informal meeting with Shifnal who decided to go ahead with the protest and paid their fee within the 30 days. There is to be a hearing at Newport on Thursday with Colin Rudrum as chairman and Terry Whitehouse, John Palmer and Dave Winwood as the committee. The league will provide the information for the night. 


17/87 Competition Secretary’s report

We had two good finals in the Ashton Cup and Shield. We had 8 under 15s including some from Sinclair. Thanks to Trench for hosting this as well as other clubs for hosting the event.


17/88 Treasurer’s report

We have a balance of £21,215.47. Bernard Higgins asked about how much money we had to invest. It was said that fees had been collected but not paid out yet. Frank Booth presented the treasurer with the second £500 installment from  Madeley Cricket Club.


17/89 Junior news round-up


From Brenda Slingo, one of the coaches involved:

Nothing much more to report from the earlier feedback. Really enjoyed this year, students were enthusiastic and on the whole turned up every week.

The coaches, where possible, kept the same group each week, which I think benefitted both the coaches and more importantly the students.

This has led to 2 of the group attending Sinclair coaching  (others attending Charlton BC). One girl attending Sinclair has potential already and wishes to play in the league next season   Are the league still willing to pay for BCGBA numbers, also first year Club Fees, as stated in the HLC handbook?
Just to reiterate I think a successful second year, hopefully this will benefit our Mid Shropshire League

From Paul Taylor, i /c of the Club for Chalrton

We are willing to run the After School Club again next year. From the Charlton’s perspective what has been very positive is that 2 of the children have continued to bowl with our Club and brought parents down who have also started bowling.

We gave out certificates to all who attended. The sessions have gone very well this year - definitely better having sessions each week and 8 sessions, 4 either side of half term.

We did have a brief discussion with the children to gain their views - they seemed positive but would be good if there is any feedback from the school’s end.

Some of the children asked whether we would be doing the Club next year?  From our perspective we would like to do it again.  Will the school have a view yet?

Given the apparent keenness of some of the children to join again next year would it be possible to consider a group of 12, with 6 from Year 5 and 6 from Year 6.  This would give the keen ones from this year the chance to develop further.


FROM KERRY MILLMAN of Sinclair Junior coaching club:

Our annual junior competition was held at Sinclair on 1st July 2017. The weather made the day with sun shining, picnic buffet lunch provided for players and guests

Under 11 final – won by Jordon Millman 21-7.

Over 11 final – won by Aston Wilde

Superbly organised and run by Brenda Slingo, winning trophies supplied by Sinclair Sports and Social Club




MSBL to field 2 teams and player and manager plans were discussed, with thanks to League junior selector Derek Killen and coach Brenda Slingo for all their vital input .


Bernard Higgins asked about Junior Funding. It was said Shifnal or Sinclair or any club could ask for money from the league for Juniors if needed. Any junior from the After School Club who wants to play will also get their BCGBA card paid for by the league. Steve Wall asked about what the county is doing for Juniors. They did pay £400 for the Sport England Bid but we can bring it up at the next meeting.


17/90 Dave Ellis Shield gents v ladies challenge

It will hopefully be at Bridgnorth on Saturday 23rd September. Ladies team will be picked by Lesley Winwood, Pauline Wilson and Mabel Finnigan. The Mid Shropshire team will be picked by Malcolm Fletcher, Sean Round and Chris Lodge.


17/91 County matters

There had been an email received about a temporary ban on Dave Peach. Barry Jennings is standing down as Welfare Officer/County Signatory. Peter Carter may want to stand down as well as Developement Officer.


17/92 Annual Dinner update

We require the order sheets back by the November meeting. The wine is up to £14, and if there are any overnight room problems contact Malcolm Fletcher.


17/93 Any Other Business

There was no any other business.


17/94 Closure of the meeting by President Mike Potter

By the next meeting the season will have finished. Good luck to all for that final push for the championship and staying up. He ended with a comment about a remote control and pressing it harder and harder when the batteries had gone!


With no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.36 p.m.

Under New Ownership

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Albrighton Sports Complex is a joint organisation between Albrighton Football Club and Albrighton Bowling club, which held the lease for the sports ground in Loak Rd, Albrighton. As of June 2017 the lease was procured from the landlords (Albrighton Sports & Social Club) which has now secured the long term viability of the site, with the aim of providing community asset for the village. The Complex is now looking for additional organisations who can join us to expand the number of sports being played on the site.

All Roads Lead To Newport BC Now!

posted May 14, 2017, 4:19 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Station Road in Newport has re-opened - easing access to Newport BC

The welcome news was relayed to the League by Newport stalwart Dave Doody on Saturday 13th May.

And the club hopes its car parking problems with Newport Cricket Club on Friday nights will ease come July.

Newport Road Closure

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Newport warn visitors that access to the club will be hit by the closure of Station Road until possibly the end of May

Trench Car Parking Issues

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Trench have tried to ease their car parking problems by negotiating the use of the car park of club sponsors The Kitchen Depot - but only for evening fixtures. The car park is located 300 yards further up the Trench Road on the left as you head towards Donnington

Shifnal New Entrance

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Shifnal have a new entrance this year, which is off the same road but further out of town, a little closer to the island over the M54

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