Jamie's The Merit King Again

posted Jul 5, 2018, 12:18 PM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Jan 2, 2019, 12:09 PM ]
He may be currently only on reserve for the Shropshire senior team, but Jamie King remains one of the best young bowlers in the county.

And the 23-year-old proved it by winning the Mid Shropshire League Merit for a second time on the afternoon of Saturday 30th June at Allscott Heath.

The Bowring and Wrockwardine Wood bowler stayed cool in blisteringly hot conditions to repeat his triumph of 2012 by beating by beating Darren Lord of Sinclair 21-4 in the final.

“It was an awesome display by Jamie,” said a league spokesman.

“He went 9-1 up and won the final in 19 ends, playing one particularly mark into a dip so well that unlucky Darren didn’t have much of a chance.”

Watched by his partner Sally Clee and their son Rory, King beat County Merit quarter-finalist Kane Beaman (Sir John Bayley) 21-12 in his semi-final, having accounted for 2008 title winner Paul Beer in the last eight.

Meanwhile Lord, a past winner of the national Civil Service Merit, was proving too good for Nick Mullinder, beating the Hadley USC bowler 21-11.

Shropshire Ladies star Sonya Lucas had to withdraw due to injury while the other woman in the last 16 field, Kelly Baugh (SJB), lost 21-18 to Lord.

Quarter-final scores – Beaman 21 Ian Thomas (Wrockwardine Wood) 19, King 21 Paul Beer (St Georges) 17, Mullinder 21 Phil Jones (Bowring) 14, Lord 21 Ian Delves (Wrockwardine Wood) 20.