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Missing Trophies - Can YOU Help?

posted Jul 8, 2016, 12:12 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
Wanted . . . .two League trophies that have gone missing - and your help in tracking them down to get them returned.

They are the trophies that should go the runners-up of the Under-15 and Under-18 Merits.

For when Sophie Massey-Jones was runner-up in this year's Under-15 Merit at Allscott, Mick Jones felt it was a real shame she did not get anything for her efforts and - via Mid Shropshire president Mike Potter - generously offered, if approached, to provide a trophy.

But that offer got Mike thinking and, after an in-depth search of his extensive bowls photo archive, he reported:
"Looking back over the years, I have discovered that we do, or did have, a small shield for the runner-up in the Under-15 Merit which was presented the last time in the 2010 season to Ashley Gregory.

"As it is now 6 years since it was last presented, locating its whereabouts may prove difficult - but at least a replacement offer is in hand.

"This also prompted me, as it too has no runners-up trophy at present, to take a look at the Under-18 Merit awards.

"And here too there was a shield presented as a runners-up prize, the last of which was presented in 2013 to Ellie Wall.

"Hopefully, these images should be enough to help jog memories so that we can get the trophies back and honouring the deserved players."

So if you know of the whereabouts of either of the trophies, please contact either League comps chief Phil King or secretary Malcolm Fletcher, the contact details for whom can be found elsewhere on this website.