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Torrential Rain The Only Winner

posted May 9, 2016, 12:39 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
A cloud burst accompanied by thunder and lightning put paid to the Under-15 Merit on Saturday 7 May..

Just 20 minutes play was possible at Allscott after the 6.30pm start before a dramatic change in the weather conditions ended all hope of the six entrants getting the competition completed.

Harry Church, chasing a third successive triumph in the event before becoming too old, was playing Sinclair club mate Jordan Millman in a preliminary round tie while Susie Lawson (Bowring) was taking on Joe Killen (Shifnal) when the referee, League President  Mike Potter, took them off the green.

Within minutes it was more akin to a paddling pool with water overflowing the greenside gutters, leaving league competition secretary Phil King with little choice but to call it off.

He is now looking for an alternative date, possibly the free weekend in June when Shropshire juniors don’t have a county match after they hammered Merseyside by 146 shots in the home leg of the Drakes Pride under-18 championship . . . at an ironically at a bone dry Allscott the very next afternoon.