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Guidance On Applying For Sport England Emergency Grant Funding

posted Apr 6, 2020, 12:05 PM by Malcolm Fletcher

£20m SPORT ENGLAND COMMUNITY EMERGENCY FUND - to cover costs such as rent, utility costs, insurances, equipment hire and retrospective losses backdated to 1st March 2020. Awards will be made of values from £300 up to £10,000.

The Award criteria will include the following:-

Your Club delivers activity in disadvantaged areas; Your Club includes members from one or more of the following groups:- Women/Girls, Disabled People, People in lower socio-economic groups, Black and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME), Older People and People with long-term health conditions

The financial need to keep your Club going; The impact of not receiving funding

Based on the application and the award criteria, here is a list of Do's and Dont's - from someone who does these kind of applications for a living -  which may be helpful:-


Be honest and state any reserves the Club has.

Stress if your Club is located in a disadvantaged area. Include outline demographic information on your area, e.g. unemployment rate, population demographics, age profile of your community, health data etc. This information should be available through Census data or by contacting your Local Authority

Cite and stress all the groups your Club engaged with, e.g. Women/Girls, Older People, BAME, Disabled People, People with long-term health conditions and people in lower socio-economic groups

Stress the importance of the role your Club plays in your local community e.g. promoting physical and mental health and well-being, social interaction, combating social isolation/loneliness, engaging with local schools etc

Stress how you are maintaining contact with your members

Set out the financial impact between April and June. Cite examples of any mitigating actions the Club is taking.

Cite the minimum outgoings the Club has to meet e.g rent, utility bills etc

Cite examples of the impact of not receiving financial help e.g facilities could fall into a poor state of disrepair and risk being unusable when we emerge from the crisis, risk of losing a vital community asset etc

Cite the impact on club members/the local community e.g decreased physical activity, social isolation, decline in mental health, loss of community facility is a significant risk when it will be most needed when we emerge from the lock-down etc

Be clear and concise; Use simple and easy to understand language; Ensure the level of funding you need is accurate



Use acronyms

Tell blatant lies. Any funding you receive could be subject to audit