Harris Cup


CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRY SATURDAY 28TH MARCH - 24 entries (one up on 2014). Please see Results for round by round details






Peter Farmer



Dave King


Russell Pegram



Mike Wainwright


Philip Emery



Jim Kellett


Peter Grimston



Andy James


Chris Grocott



Nigel Evans


Mark Selley



Ian Gaut


Sam Millward



Matthew Rhodes


Alan Davidson



Simon Madeley


Jamie King



Glyn Picknell


Dave Rhodes



Tony Rhodes (captain)


Dale Rudrum (captain)



Alan Palin


Mick Jones



Pete Gaut

Won by +25

 Reserve: Roy Smith








2014 COMPETITION (22 entries)

The FINAL - at Donnington Wood No.1 on Saturday, September 20, 7pm start:

Holders Newport (Premier, -20) v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +9)

All-conquering Newport eased to their third trophy of the season with victory in the Harris Cup final.

They shrugged off early torrential rain to beat Wrockwardine Wood’s division one side in the Saturday night clash at Donnington Wood.

The Premier League and County Cup winners made a flying start with two big winners in a clean sweep of the first four.

But the battling Wrockties had two winners in the middle and two at the back and, when the handicap was taken into account, they only lost by 33 shots after making a real fist of it.

Their hopes had not been helped by John Clarke being unavailable due to work, but youngsters Phil Jones and Josh Cotton showed they do have fresh blood coming through the ranks.

Defeat, however, meant five of their side – including skipper Hollie Bishton – had suffered double disappointment on the day after playing in Shropshire Ladies’ Waterloo Cup final defeat in Blackpool.

Newport skipper Dale Rudrum received the trophy from Mid Shropshire chairman Sean Round, organiser Phil King saying: "Congratulations to Newport - they've done it again."

Rudrum will now aim to lead his side to Free Press Cup final success against M & B at Lee Hall Allotments in Handsworth on Friday, October 3, to make it four team trophies for the season.

Newport (Premier) 232-20=212 beat Wrockwardine Wood (Division 1) 170+9=179 by 33:

Scott Harries 21 Allan Gaut 5, Alan Davidson 21 Sian Skelton 18, Dave Rhodes 21 Keith Millington 3, Chris Grocott 21 Josh Cotton 17, Philip Emery 17 Sally Clee 21, Peter Farmer 21 Tony Garmson 10.

Peter Grimston 13 Steve Downs 21, Mark Selley 21 Louise Cotton 11, Dale Rudrum 15 Phil Jones 21, Sam Millward 19 Hollie Bishton 21, Mick Jones 21 Paul Ford 6, Russell Pegram 21 Angela Gaut 16.

Referee: Dave Elliott.

Semi-final results:

Newport (Premier, -20) beat Hadley USC (Premier, - 20) , Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +9) beat Wrockwardine Wood (DIv 2, +21)

Quarter-final results:

St Georges (Premier, -20) lost to Newport (Premier, -20), Bowring (Div 1, +2) lost to Hadley USC (Premier, -20), Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +9) beat Bowring (Premier, -20), Trench (+18) lost to Wrockwardine Wood (Div 2, +21).

First round results from Wednesday 30 April:

TOP HALF - St Georges (Premier, - 20) beat St Georges (Div 1, scratch), Shifnal (+14) lost to Newport (Premier, - 20), Bowring (Div 1 +2) beat Allscott (+7), Sinclair (Div 1, +8) lost to Hadley USC (Premier, -20).

BOTTOM HALF - Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +9) beat Sinclair (Div 2, +22), Bowring (Premier, -20) beat Sir John Bayley (Div 1, +3), Trench (+18) beat Horsehay (+6), Newport (Div 1, +1) lost to Wrockwardine Wood  (Div 2, +21).

Preliminary round results from Wednesday, April 9:

St Georges (Premier, - 20) beat Maddocks (+26), Bridgnorth (+10) lost to St Georges (Div 1, scratch), Shifnal (+14) beat Charlton (+19 ), Newport (Premier, - 20) beat Sir John Bayley (Div 2, +15), Bowring (Div 2, +16) lost to Bowring (Div 1, +2), Allscott (+7) beat Bylet (Premier, -20).

2013 Final played on Saturday, September 7, at Wrockwardine Wood No. 1 - 6.30pm start, dress code rules:
Holders St Georges (Premier) lost to Newport (Premier) by 44 shots

Final pairings – St Georges v Newport:

Dave King v Phil Emery, Nigel Evans v Kevin Keary, Tom Langford v Chris Grocott, Andy Morgan v Scott Harries.

Matt Rhodes v Mark Selley, Mike Wainwright v Peter Farmer, Andy Jones v Alan Davidson, Ian Gaut v Russell Pegram.

Tony Rhodes v Dale Rudrum, Glyn Picknell v Dan Hand, Simon Rhodes v Ian Whittington, Alan Palin v Mick Jones.


Semi-finals results from Wednesday, August 21: 
Horsehay lost to St Georges (Prem)
Newport (Prem) beat Newport (Div 1) 

2012 FINAL on Saturday, September 8 - 6.30pm at Donnington Wood on the old green:

Holders St Georges (Premier -20) v County Cup winners Newport (Premier -20).

St Georges stunned County Cup winners Newport – and the best crowd seen at a Harris Cup final in years – to lift the trophy again.

The Dragons roared to a 20 shot win in the Worthington’s Mid Shropshire League’s main team KO on Saturday night on Donnington Wood No 1 watched by nearly 200 people.

Reigning Premier League champions Newport, without Staffordshire stars Russell Pegram and Kevin Keary, had just one winner in the first four as their big guns were silenced.

And they would have been more than just five chalks behind had former Dragon Dave Rhodes not scrambled 17 from 16-3 down against Scott Harries.

But the Fishes were given even less room for manoeuvre when the impressive Michael Wainwright won 21-9 at No 5 for St Georges, who took three of the middle four to go 16 ahead.

Dan Hand threatened briefly to put Newport in with a shout at 9-4 up, but the damage had been done and St Georges, who were really up for the battle, finished with eight out of 12 winners to win the title for the third year in a row.

County president Geoff Balshaw, who earlier in the evening suffered a nasty shin injury when a bowl flew off the green after a fire, recovered his poise to present the trophy.

“My congratulations go to St Georges and commiserations to Newport – but they did win the County Cup earlier in the season,” said Balshaw.

League competition organiser Phil King said it had been a fitting final “between the best two teams in Mid Shropshire” before paying tribute to referee Bob Mumford and hosts Donnington Wood.

Now St Georges hope to make it a knockout double by winning the Free Press Cup with victory over M & B at Kings Norton on September 22.

Harris Cup final scores - Newport 211, St Georges 231

Dave Rhodes 17 Scott Harries 21, Peter Farmer 16 Dave King 21, Alan Davidson 17 Nigel Evans 21, Chris Grocott 21 Jim Kellett 13.

Phil Emery 9 Michael Wainwright 21, Mark Selley 21 Simon Rhodes 13, Sam Millward 20 Rob Burroughs 21, Dale Rudrum 15 Alan Palin 21.

Dan Hand 19 Tony Rhodes 21, Mick Jones 21 Glyn Picknell 17, Martyn France 21 Jamie King 20, Ian Whittington 14 Ian Gaut 21.

SEMI-FINAL results from Wednesday, August 15:

Bowring (Prem, - 20) lost to St Georges (Prem, -20)

Newport (Div 1, +7) lost to Newport (Prem, -20)


QUARTER-FINAL results from Wednesday, June 20: 

Wrockwardine Wood (+4) lost to Bowring (Prem, -20)

St Georges (Prem, -20) beat Bylet (Prem, -20)

Allscott (+15) lost to Newport (+7)

Newport (Prem, -20) beat Sinclair (+10)


ROUND TWO results to date in the 2012 team KO are:

Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +4) beat Charlton (+24)

Bowring (Prem, -20) beat Maddocks (+12)

St Georges (Prem, -20) beat St Georges (Div 1, scratch)

Bylet (Prem, -20) beat Hadley USC (+1) 

Shifnal (+21) lost to Allscott (+15)

Horsehay (+17) lost to Newport (+7)

Newport (Prem, -20) beat Madeley CC (+3)

Sinclair (+27) lost to Sinclair (+10)


Despite the best efforts of the rain that hit the early part of the season, the PRELIMINARY round results were: 

Wrockwardine Wood (Prem, -20) v Wrockwardine Wood (Div 1, +4) - playing May 17

Sir John Bayley (Div 2, +18) lost to Charlton (+24)

Abbey (+5) lost to Bowring (Prem, -20)

Bowring (Div 2, +20) lost to Maddocks (+12)

St Georges (Prem, -20) beat Sir John Bayley (Div 1, +6)

Trench (+19) lost to St Georges (Div 1, scratch)

Bylet (Prem, -20) v Bowring (Div 1, +9) - playing May 23

Bylet (Div 1, +11) lost to Hadley USC (+1)

All other teams that entered had byes


2011 FINAL
An all-St Georges affair on Saturday, September 10, at Maddocks saw the club's Premier entry defeat their division one side by 18 chalks.
Ian Gaut (21-7), Nigel Evans and Alan Palin (both 21-9), and Peter Griffiths (21-10) delivered the cards that tipped the balance in a final played with much friendly banter. Best for the brave Mid Shropshire side were 21-10s from Paul Beer and last man Tom Langford.
The club's division one side (off scratch) beat Trench (+27) in their semi-final while St Georges (Premier- 20) saw off Newport (Premier -20) with ease in their last four tie.