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Winter Bowling Arrives At Member Club

posted Dec 12, 2018, 12:00 PM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Dec 12, 2018, 12:01 PM ]

Ever fancied having a go at bowling during the closed season?

Well if you have, there's the perfect chance to try it this coming Sunday (16th December) at a Mid Shropshire League club.
For Shawbury-based Elephant & Castle - who play in the Dennis Lewis Thursday Division - will host round 10 of the North Shropshire Parks winter series

"It’s open to any bowlers from any area," stressed series organiser Jamie Brookes.

"And, although it's entry on the day, due to the recent and steady high levels of competitors, early entry notification is really much appreciated to me on 07522-624773.

“Hot food will be available throughout the day – hope to see you there!”

Report time is 9.30am and the draw for 13-up handicapped round robin groups will be made at 9.50 with play from 10. The 32 best performers will then play a straight knockout.

Entry costs £7 (juniors are £4) and £3 per entrant is paid out in prize money each round.

And, to add a bit of fun at Shawbury, Jamie added: “Sunday is also ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ with a prize on offer for the best one chosen by the judges.”

Round nine at Prees last weekend was won by Stuart Rutter of Wrockwardine Wood, who beat 16-year-old Susie Lawson (Bowring-Prince of Wales Hotel) 13-12 in the final. 

December Meeting Titbits . . .

posted Dec 6, 2018, 12:19 PM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Dec 6, 2018, 12:22 PM ]

One definitely out, one possibly in – that was the Shifnal team news announced at the League’s management committee meeting on Tuesday 4th December..

Secretary Brian Murray confirmed that Shifnal were withdrawing from the troubled Saturday Division, but were considering applying to launch a second team in the buoyant Dennis Lewis Thursday Division.

Shifnal, the only club in Shropshire with Clubmark status, look set to field a second side in the South Staffs League on Saturdays

That would leave Mid Shropshire with just three clubs – Saturday champions Sinclair, Allscott Heath and Charlton – plus possibly Bridgnorth, who want to carry on.

They will be asked to attend an emergency meeting with League officers early in the new year to try and nail down plans to keep the division going next year, even if it means changing from the eight-a-side singles to try and boost interest to at least six sides.

Life Memberships will be awarded to former league officers Richard Chesters and Ron Adams at Mid Shropshire’s AGM on Tuesday 29th January, when a replacement will be needed for Ian Gaut as a county delegate, the St Georges stalwart having decided to step away from the game entirely.

But the good news for officers and delegates at the meeting was that chairman Sean Round confirmed, right at the end under Any Other Business, that he has had a change of heart and will carry on for at least another year in 2019 - if re-elected of course!

Last Call For 2018 . . .

posted Dec 3, 2018, 1:27 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Notice for the December Management Committee Meeting

To be held on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018, at the Sir John Bayley Club at 7.30pm – all to sign in


1  Chairman’s remarks to open the meeting

2  Apologies & In Memoria

3  Minutes of the November Management Committee Meeting

4  Matters arising

5  General Secretary’s report & Correspondence

6  Treasurer’s report

7  Competition Secretary’s report – all trophies MUST be returned by this meeting!

8  Fixture Secretary’s report

9  Rule change proposals for 2019 AGM – see attached

10 Saturday Division – an update on its future

11 Annual dinner plans – for Sat 12 Jan at Telford Whitehouse Hotel

12 County matters (report from executive meeting on November 19)

13 Any Other Business

14 President Mike Potter’s remarks to close the meeting


Payment for all extra bookings at the League’s annual dinner in January MUST BE PAID FOR AT THIS MEETING to Margaret Fletcher – adults £20, juniors £10.

If any club is unsure what they owe they should please contact Margaret on 01952-771134 before the meeting.

This meeting is also the last chance to pre-order wine (white, rose or red) for the function at the special reduced price of  £14 per bottle, to be paid for at the wine table on the night.

DBS Clearance - Be Safe And Sure . . .

posted Nov 25, 2018, 7:19 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Penalties for clubs, leagues and counties without a Safeguarding Officer with current DBS clearance – including the ultimate of a suspension from playing – are looming under new BCGBA proposals. 

So member clubs are urged to ensure they have such a an officer with clearance. 

And to help them do just that a DBS renewal / application session has been organised for Saturday 23rd March from 2.30pm with county DBS checker Phil Scott at a Wellington venue yet to be finalised. 

Mid Shropshire clubs etc that have Safeguarding Officers that need to renew sometime in 2019 if they are to continue in the role are: 

Mid Shropshire League Officer - runs for 3 years from 16/2/16 so expires February 2019

Maddocks – runs for 3 years from 1/4/2016 so expires April 2019

Trench – runs for 3 years from 14/4/16 so expires April 2019

Shifnal – runs for 3 years from 27/4/16 so expires April 2019 

Madeley Cricket Club – runs for 3 years from 16/12/2016 so expires December 2019

Sinclair – runs for 3 years from 16/12/16 so expires December 2019

Hadley USC – runs for 3 years from 22/12/2016 so expires December 2019 

And if anyone else wants to get DBS clearance they should book a 10 minute slot in March with League secretary Malcolm Fletcher ASAP 

If you cannot make this date, there are other DBS sessions with Phil Scott on 9th February in Whitchurch (contact Alison Hine), 23rd February in Oswestry (Pam Manley) and 9th March for the Tanners Shropshire League clubs and area (Dawn Gray).  

Please note: Phil Scott (phildonholsteins@hotmail.co.uk) must see evidence of your renewal or new DBS isue, which can be done by email. You are not covered unless this is done . . .  

Record Breaking Night Looms

posted Nov 18, 2018, 3:51 AM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Nov 18, 2018, 6:02 AM by Stephen Wall ]

League officials are delighted to announce that it's going to be another record-breaking night at the Mid Shropshire annual presentation dinner on Saturday 12th January.

A total of 222 people are booked to attend the 2019 function to celebrate the 2018 season at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel - up from the previous record of 214 bookings in 2016.

And if you want to make a weekend of it, by booking a room at the hotel at a special rate negotiated by the League, then you need to act fast.

For as of Friday there were only 5 of the rooms allocated to the function remaining available . . . 


Can You Be A Saturday Saviour?

posted Nov 12, 2018, 12:28 PM by Malcolm Fletcher

The first steps to save the League’s Saturday division have been taken.

Member clubs agreed at the November meeting to look at all options to try and keep the eight-a-side division on Saturday afternoons going – even if it means radical changes to the format and the time fixtures are played.

Just seven teams competed this year and three of those – Shifnal, Sir John Bayley and Trench - have now confirmed they are withdrawing ahead of the 2019 season, while the future of Bridgnorth’s team is in doubt.

That leaves just champions Sinclair, Allscott Heath and Charlton prepared to carry on, prompting league officials to launch a bid to try and save the Saturday action by asking clubs for ideas to generate more interest - and entries.

Moving matches to either earlier on later in the day, to avoid clashing with the South Staffs League, is one suggestion that will be looked at, as is a proposed change of format to four singles games and two doubles.

And Donnington Wood, who withdrew just before start of the 2018 season, are pushing for the division to be played on Sundays with an early afternoon start time.

“We will look into every idea and make every effort to keep the division going, but there has to be a cut-off number – either six or eight teams– below which it is simply not worth running,” said general secretary Malcolm Fletcher. 


From Phil Craggs of Allscott Heath:

"Could you change the format to maybe 2 doubles and four singles games allowing any player from the team to go in the doubles. Play 4 singles first then when they come off the 2 doubles games, maybe double points for the doubles matches.

"This would allow clubs with plenty of availability to play 8 players and clubs struggling could play with only 4 players. Just an idea.

"Allscott will definitely field one side if we can keep the league running." 

From Angela Gaut of Wrockwardine Wood:

"I don’t really know the answer but maybe the start time could be moved to 10am or 7pm to avoid clashing with the South Staffs League.

"And I also think that Mid Shropshire matches being played at 2pm makes a mess of the whole day if you have other things to do. Morning or evening would give you much more time to possibly jiggle things around. This is not a proposition just a couple of ideas . . . "

WHAT DO YOU THINK . . . contacted the general secretary with your ideas.

Proposals From Future Ideas Sub Group & Officers

posted Nov 7, 2018, 11:44 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Reported to the November Management Committee Meeting:


* Competitions – raise Harris Cup & Ashton Trophies entry fee to £10 for both KOs; Senior Merit up to £8; Mixed Doubles up to £8 per pair; Dixon Driscoll Doubles up to £10 per pair.

Then pay 90% of income in prizes, but all monies paid out to be subject to entry numbers . . . and put that on ALL forms.


* Honoraria / new posts – only change of honoraria would be to reduce amount paid to minute secretary to £500.

No new posts – although the League would still like to have an assistant secretary learning the ropes - but gifts to be paid to annual dinner organiser (£100), chairman (£50) and president (£50) to help with their expenses.


* Match fees / prize-money – increase match fees in Friday & Monday divisions by 5p; Thursday Division by 25p; Saturday division by 10p.

Treasurer and chairman to liaise about bringing the proportions of income paid out in each division into line.

The increased income needed as it is fines that are currently giving the accounts a small surplus each year – and they cannot be relied upon!


* Possible rule changes for 2019 AGM:


21 (b) “Clubs with two teams in the same division must list 10 players for each team. These 10 players must then play for that listed team unless a transfer is authorised by the fixture secretary in accordance with rule 21 (f), on evidence of previous individual results.”


Harris Cup & Ashton Trophies – add to rule 1 in both cases: “Any team that enters the competition but then later withdraws will be fined £20.”


* Future of the Saturday Division – urge clubs and delegates be open to any ideas to ensure it survives . . . and actively seek entries


* Life Members – put Richard Chesters & Ron Adams forward as potential recipients at the 2019 AGM



* Fixture secretary and chairman to liaise with results system guru Mike Beckett to tweak system to make it easier for the officer to do his job and also easier for clubs with things like a ‘tick all box’


Annual Dinner Deadline Is Tuesday 6th November

posted Nov 4, 2018, 12:45 PM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Nov 4, 2018, 12:46 PM ]



SATURDAY 12th JANUARY 2019 – at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel, Watling Street, Wellington, 7pm (7.30 meal) till late


As per league rules, each club has been allocated and charged for 2 places, details to be finalised at the NOVEMBER league meeting on Tuesday the 6th using the slip below (which all clubs should have received at least twice already!)


In addition, clubs need to please let Margaret Fletcher know by that meeting - or by contacting 01952-771134 or email mc.fletcher@btinternet.com - if they require any MORE places . . . and what those menu choices are.


Full payment for extra places needs to be made by the December meeting.
























SPECIAL DRINKS PRICES - WINE £14 a bottle ORDERED IN ADVANCE, payable on collection


BECKS, BODDINGTONS AND GAYMERS £3 a pint OR £12 per pitcher – GUEST ALE planned

















NUMBER OF EXTRA TICKETS REQUIRED................................


Extra tickets cost £20 and £10 for juniors

Special B & B rates have been  negotiated and a number of rooms have been held for us.  Book direct with the hotel on 01952-250700, stating you are attending the Mid Shropshire Bowls League function on Sat 12-1-19. Any problems please contact Margaret or Malcolm

Saturday Divison - The Future . . .

posted Oct 31, 2018, 12:51 PM by Malcolm Fletcher

League officers are about to launch a campaign to save the Saturday division.

Just seven teams competed in the eight-a-side Saturday afternoon set-up this year after Donnington Wood withdrew at the 11th hour.

And now three of the seven have indicated - via a Future Ideas Sub Group meeting this week - that they won’t be carrying on in 2019.

“League officers have real concerns about the future of the Saturday division next year,” said general secretary Malcolm Fletcher.

“The existing teams have been officially asked to let the league know their intentions and all member clubs have been contacted to get their views - and try and encourage entries.

“But obviously there has to be a cut-off number - possibly six - below which it is simply not worth running this division.”

The future of Saturday fixtures is on the agenda for the league’s November meeting on Tuesday the 6th at Wellington’s Sir John Bayley Club (7.30pm).

“It's not so long ago that we had two divisions on Saturdays,” added Malcolm.

“So league officers would like to encourage clubs to consider joining, or re-joining, this competition – which now has the same points scoring system as the Dennis Lewis Thursday Division - for the 2019 campaign.

“And if clubs and their bowlers have any ideas that would make the Saturday division more attractive to them – and so make an entry more likely – the league would dearly like to hear them.

"If your club is not going to be represented at the November meeting but do have some ideas, could you please let me have them by email before that meeting.

And all bowlers need to remember this current rule – “Any player who has signed for a Mid Shropshire League club may play for a secondary club in the Saturday Division, as long as they fulfil all the usual obligations to their secondary Saturday side.””

Don't Delay - Deadlines Draw Near

posted Oct 26, 2018, 2:17 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Member clubs are reminded that the deadline for proposed changes to League rules to be with the General Secretary, in writing, is Wednesday 31st October.

All trophies need to be returned to Competition Secretary Phil King – via any officer – by the League's November meeting on Tuesday the 6th at the latest.

The November meeting is also the deadline for annual dinner bookings for the presentation night on Saturday 12th January at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel

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