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Clubs Considering Sub Group Ideas

posted Oct 18, 2018, 12:15 PM by Malcolm Fletcher

The findings of the League's Future Ideas Sub Group were reported by chairman Sean Round at the October executive committee meeting.


"I would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank the members of the sub group & officers that attended two meetings," said Sean.

"We first looked at Competitions this year. Based on the same payout in prize money, competitions will lose £190.50



Ashton cup we had 11 entries and, if we pay out similar to last year, 8 of those 11 will receive prize money.



Harris/Ashton cup entry fee to increase from £6 to £10; Only play Ashton Shield if entries increase; Reduce prize money to finalists

All competitions to have “PRIZE MONEY SUBJECT TO ENTRY” 

90% of income of income to be paid out with the other 10% used to fund Junior competitions which are free to enter



Both groups agreed to take some work off the general Secretary. A  new Honoraria should be introduced to organise the presentation evening. It was felt that £200 should be put to the AGM.


Both groups felt that the Minute Secretary honorarium should be reduced, after a discussion it was felt the a reduction from £703 to £500


The sub group felt the Chairman should receive an honorarium, the officers felt this should be a £50 expenses and should include the president.



When the figures where shown to both groups, it was shown that the % of the match fee income used for prize money differs from each Division ranging from 40.06% to 46% on a Friday and 42% to 48% on a Monday. Also the prize money % paid out also differs on Monday



That the % income pot for each division be the same and that a % guide be used to payout across the divisions

Eg - Winner 60%; Runners-up 30%; third place 10%


This would reduce some of the prize money compared to last year, this was felt unfair. 


So to compensate for this and for the suggestions above for Honoraria and continued subsidising of Competitions that Match fees be increased as below:

Monday’s & Friday’s increase by 5p

Thursday increase by 25p

Saturday - if the division survives for another year - increase by 10p


"Last year we made a small profit of £35.75 and of course we are not a profit making organisation.

But we also had an income of £260 of fines, obviously at the moment the fines are keeping the league in a positive balance, which in our opinion is not ideal.


Only the new Honoraria for the presentation organiser will be a rule change, which the sub group that meets next month will add to any other rule changes they feel should be put to the AGM


The other suggestions need to be discussed between now and the League's February meeting."