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DBS Clearance - Be Safe And Sure . . .

posted Nov 25, 2018, 7:19 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
Penalties for clubs, leagues and counties without a Safeguarding Officer with current DBS clearance – including the ultimate of a suspension from playing – are looming under new BCGBA proposals. 

So member clubs are urged to ensure they have such a an officer with clearance. 

And to help them do just that a DBS renewal / application session has been organised for Saturday 23rd March from 2.30pm with county DBS checker Phil Scott at a Wellington venue yet to be finalised. 

Mid Shropshire clubs etc that have Safeguarding Officers that need to renew sometime in 2019 if they are to continue in the role are: 

Mid Shropshire League Officer - runs for 3 years from 16/2/16 so expires February 2019

Maddocks – runs for 3 years from 1/4/2016 so expires April 2019

Trench – runs for 3 years from 14/4/16 so expires April 2019

Shifnal – runs for 3 years from 27/4/16 so expires April 2019 

Madeley Cricket Club – runs for 3 years from 16/12/2016 so expires December 2019

Sinclair – runs for 3 years from 16/12/16 so expires December 2019

Hadley USC – runs for 3 years from 22/12/2016 so expires December 2019 

And if anyone else wants to get DBS clearance they should book a 10 minute slot in March with League secretary Malcolm Fletcher ASAP 

If you cannot make this date, there are other DBS sessions with Phil Scott on 9th February in Whitchurch (contact Alison Hine), 23rd February in Oswestry (Pam Manley) and 9th March for the Tanners Shropshire League clubs and area (Dawn Gray).  

Please note: Phil Scott (phildonholsteins@hotmail.co.uk) must see evidence of your renewal or new DBS isue, which can be done by email. You are not covered unless this is done . . .