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DBS Clearance Opportunity

posted Mar 4, 2018, 5:02 AM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Mar 6, 2018, 8:16 AM ]
If member clubs have anyone requiring new DBS clearance or a renewal then I have good news!

Shropshire’s new DBS checker, Phil Scott, is doing a session for anyone in the Mid Shropshire area who requires his services.

He will be at Wellington’s Sir John Bayley Club on the afternoon of Saturday 10th March 2018, from 2pm.

Appointments lasting 10 minutes are available but MUST be booked in advance with me (telephone: 01952-771134 or email: mc.fletcher@btinternet.com)

It’s really important these checks are up to date, especially if you are your a Welfare/Safeguarding Officer and / or there is any chance you will work with juniors

Phil will require people who book to provide evidence of your current name, date of birth and current address, together with any previous addresses that you have lived at within the last 5 years. You must bring this evidence with you when you come to fill in your application form. Photocopies of these documents are not acceptable:

Photo ID i.e. your driving licence (with Photo ID) or a current passport

Your NI card or a document with your National Insurance Number e g. pay slip. Tax return

Proof of address, less than 3 months old e g. utility bill or bank statement

Many thanks,

Malcolm Fletcher (gen sec, MSBL) 

PEOPLE BOOKED IN AS OF 4pm on 6/3/18:

2pm - Paul Taylor; 2.10 - Bob Mumford; 2.20 - Dan Wilson; 2.30 - Graham McCarthy; 2.40 - Christine McCarthy; 2.50 - Winston Kidd

3pm - Shona Baugh; 3.10 - Karen Smith; 3.20 - Sonya Lucas; 3.30 - Cath Ratcliffe; 3.40 - Derek Moores; 3.50 - Mark Bennett

4pm - Natasha Hart; 4.10 - Glynis Walters; 4.20 - Ernie Shea.; 4.30 - Becky Wedge