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General Secretary's Update

posted Nov 21, 2017, 1:00 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
Secretary’s Report to November Management Meeting 

Ladies and gents - it’s been a busy month that has included dealing with rule change proposals from club, a meeting of the Future Ideas Sub Group and then a follow-up meeting of your League’s officers. I’m just thankful that I have Marg to help ease the load when it comes to the annual dinner countdown! 

In relation to the presentation night, we have ratified this year’s divisional averages prize winners and discussed a few tweaks to the evening’s programme. But we still want Steve Wall’s rolling picture show please! 

I have dealt with an inquiry from Prince of Wales Hotel about fines for non attendance at League executive meetings and been in contact with Brian Williams regarding his brother Ally’s ban from bowls, which I will report on under County Matters later on the agenda. But I think the case is going to BCGBA level now . . .  

I have received a copy of Harry Parsonage’s explanation of, and apology for, his foul mouthed outburst at the Shropshire junior inter-league in the game between Ludlow and Mid Shropshire at Burway. As this apology has been accepted by the Sinclair lady concerned I consider the matter closed. 

But I have still not received anything official from Wolverhampton-based ECC to say whether they intend to go ahead with a bid to join our Friday night divisions in 2018. 

They have until the AGM in January to make a final decision – and, with regard to that night I think we need to consider if the League is going to create any more life members this year (to be discussed at December meeting) 

Still looking ahead to next year, your chairman is anxious to call a pre-season meeting of club greenkeepers and groundsmen with a view to setting up an informal group that can meet and share ideas and even look to make bulk orders to cut costs. 

Last, but not least, Allscott have come up with a provisional date of Saturday 29th September 2018 for the second Mid Shropshire League ladies versus gents challenge for the Dave Ellis Shield. This clashes with the Champion of Champions weekend so there may need to be a re-think . . . 

Thank You 

PS: The League is still looking to appoint an assistant secretary in 2018 to shadow the general sec and take over some of his duties - with a view to them succeeding him full time in 2019 when he plans to stand down.

Anyone interested is urged to contact either chairman Sean Round or general sec Malcolm Fletcher - even if it is just for an informal chat!