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Proposals From Future Ideas Sub Group & Officers

posted Nov 7, 2018, 11:44 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

Reported to the November Management Committee Meeting:


* Competitions – raise Harris Cup & Ashton Trophies entry fee to £10 for both KOs; Senior Merit up to £8; Mixed Doubles up to £8 per pair; Dixon Driscoll Doubles up to £10 per pair.

Then pay 90% of income in prizes, but all monies paid out to be subject to entry numbers . . . and put that on ALL forms.


* Honoraria / new posts – only change of honoraria would be to reduce amount paid to minute secretary to £500.

No new posts – although the League would still like to have an assistant secretary learning the ropes - but gifts to be paid to annual dinner organiser (£100), chairman (£50) and president (£50) to help with their expenses.


* Match fees / prize-money – increase match fees in Friday & Monday divisions by 5p; Thursday Division by 25p; Saturday division by 10p.

Treasurer and chairman to liaise about bringing the proportions of income paid out in each division into line.

The increased income needed as it is fines that are currently giving the accounts a small surplus each year – and they cannot be relied upon!


* Possible rule changes for 2019 AGM:


21 (b) “Clubs with two teams in the same division must list 10 players for each team. These 10 players must then play for that listed team unless a transfer is authorised by the fixture secretary in accordance with rule 21 (f), on evidence of previous individual results.”


Harris Cup & Ashton Trophies – add to rule 1 in both cases: “Any team that enters the competition but then later withdraws will be fined £20.”


* Future of the Saturday Division – urge clubs and delegates be open to any ideas to ensure it survives . . . and actively seek entries


* Life Members – put Richard Chesters & Ron Adams forward as potential recipients at the 2019 AGM



* Fixture secretary and chairman to liaise with results system guru Mike Beckett to tweak system to make it easier for the officer to do his job and also easier for clubs with things like a ‘tick all box’