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Merit 'Miracle' - Qualfiers Played!

posted Jun 13, 2019, 1:51 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
It was almost a miracle, given all the rain that has saturated Mid Shropshire greens for the last week, but all four Senior Merit qualifying sessions were played last night (Wednesday 12th June)

League competition secretary Phil King had already made a contingency plan to play the qualifiers on the day scheduled for the finals (and then find a new date for finals day!), but the rain eased enough during the afternoon for the four host clubs to give the go-ahead for play.

So it's congratulations to the last 16 who will appear on Saturday 6th July, which include the reigning champion Jamie King and last year's beaten finalist Darren Lord.


At Allscott Heath - Jamie King, Paul Beer, Alison Cotton, Martin Gaut

At Bowring - Graham Turner, Phil King, Stuart Church, Peter Grimston

At Maddocks - Simon Hall, Paul Bradburne, Darren Lord, Roy Bradburn

At Sinclair - John Clarke, Jim Fletcher, James Blair, Dan Taylor