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Secretarial Musings . . .

posted Dec 14, 2019, 12:15 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
Titbits from the General Secretary’s report to the December League meeting:   

It’s a sure sign that the playing season is now well and truly behind us that the behind the scenes workload really has started to notch up!

The DBS renewals and checks session with Shropshire Safeguarding Officer Phil Scott is booking for Bowring on Saturday 25th January from 10am and I already have 15 of the 10 minute slots allocated – an up to date list is on the League website.

Still with county matters, I have advertised the vacant secretary’s job on the League’s website as requested at the latest executive meeting – but much more of my time has been spent on trying to fill our own vacancies of chairman and vice-chairman next year.

Letter were posted to 4 shortlisted candidates (with no success) and three other letters were set to our Life Members for 2020 (all accepted invitations).

There’s also been work on the annual dinner alongside the now official, my wife, and help for County Development Officer Pauline Wilson to try and get bowls clubs to take part in the updating of the Shropshire County Council’s Playing Pitch Strategy.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s strategy is due for renewal in 2021 so I hope we can work together closely on that so that we can give our sport a bigger say.

I have been invited (and attended)  a meeting to discuss a new approach to conduct and discipline in the county along with reps from the Premier, Whitchurch and Tanners Shropshire leagues.

And talking of the Whitchurch League, they have a very interesting proposal for 2020 that I think we should look at.

They are proposing, via a Junior Bowls Scheme, to buy sets of junior bowls and then offer them to clubs at half price – as long as they are pro-active in the development of their club and hold coaching / open days with certified coaches in place at each event.

Food for thought me thinks . . .