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2016 Fixtures - The Changes Explained

posted Mar 15, 2016, 12:34 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
League fixture secretary Ric Hudson today (March 15) issued the following statement:

"The league were informed that Bowring would not be entering a team into division 6. This meant that the Monday night divisions had to be re-arranged
so that we had 11 teams in each division.

"When this was done, for some reason, all the other fixtures were cleared. As a result of this, all the fixtures were re-done, which resulted in the fixtures that were originally released being changed.

"League officers would also like to point out that although the fixtures were done and made live before the March 14, these cannot be set in stone as any club
or team can withdraw or put a new team in up until that date.

"Indeed, this has happened with last season's Saturday division A champions, St Georges, who have withdrawn their team as of yesterday."

NOTE: That leaves 10 teams for Saturday afternoon action - and may result in a switch back to one division . . . and more new fixtures for that day.