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Avoid Those Mistakes . . .

posted May 30, 2017, 1:01 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
A special night of instruction is to be held at a Mid Shropshire club later this month to help bowlers stop making mistakes that could cost them a game.

Organised by the county’s coaching group, the promotion is at Newport on Tuesday, June 20 with a 6.30pm start.

“Coaches will be running a special night with short sessions that will show or explain the rules, card marking and measuring procedures,” explained Shropshire development officer Peter Carter.

“Our own referees and projectionists are invited to attend as our beginners and guests are learners and require proper guidance – as matches can be won or lost by mistakes off the green as well as on it.”

Carter is pleased that the Shropshire Junior Development programme launched last season now boasts six clubs of varying sizes and strengths.

“We wish not only to expand the present centres but begin to form others – with support provided by the county association and affiliated leagues,” he added. 

Carter, who can be contacted on 01952-813362, wants any club interested in becoming a new centre for junior coaching to get in touch.

“This combined effort has encouraged us all so please, if your club has any questions or requires information, contact me.”