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Future Ideas Sub Group Delivers . . .

posted Nov 3, 2017, 1:08 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
Feedback from MSBL ‘Future Ideas’ Sub Group that met in October and will be discussed at the November management meeting on Tuesday the 7th . . .  

* Named Players process – welcomed fixture secretary Ric Hudson’s suggested rule changes in response to disciplinary committee report into Shifnal protest and other concerns. But they need an addition so that clubs must monitor their 12s and 8s – assisted by new Mike Beckett system to flag up anomalies – with emails to fixture secretary and possibly clubs direct. Then 48 hours to react? 

* Create a set Fine for late team withdrawals – change wording of 12 (c) to: Failure to do so will result in the club being fined £50. 

* Match fees bill to be split into 2 – payable by clubs in July and October. Idea put forward by Martin Gaut, but could there be just one bill at the end of the season? Treasurer urged to cut costs by emailing out invoices and also to accept payments direct to the League’s bank account as the days of cheques are fast disappearing . . . 

* League to pay a green fee to clubs for hosting qualifiers and finals of £10. But needs a new Competition Rule 11 to say fee will only be paid if the green has been prepared for play on the day. League to pay fee by a credit on clubs end of season bill? 

* League to pay token fee of £10 to chairman Colin Rudrum and the 3 others who agree to sit when the disciplinary panel has to be called. We could cover this by raising the cost of a protest (rule 20(b) to £40? 

* Walkover rules for Thursday & Saturday divisions. Needs clarification due to different points scoring system. Suggestion is that the not guilty team receives its average home or away points return for that season, depending if the game conceded is home or away! If it is as an early season fixture then the executive committee will have to decide. Fine for guilty club to be £40 (8 x £5) and score for divisional averages to be 21-11. 

* Competition entries by email (and by test and Facebook post) - and clubs to pay for them at end of season?   

* Both Ashton finals on one day at 2 green venue or played consecutively To use the first Saturday in September, as in this year’s programme, the comps sec may have to bring Ashton Cup semis forward a week. Junior Merits on one day too? 

* Work towards Friday night promotion play-offs in divisions one and two between teams finishing third from bottom and those third from top in divisions two and three. 

* End production of the League’s annual Handbook to start to help ease the general secretary’s workload. Ensure updated rules are on the MSBL website and that clubs are able to download them as a pdf. Try to appoint assistant secretary in 2018 - with a view to him or her to taking over the full role in 2019 . . .   

* Aim to launch a new ‘Club Person of the Year’ honour in future years – but not using Dean Law’s inappropriate 'monster' trophy. Nominations from clubs or officers to decide? And award at AGM?