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It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home . . .

posted Aug 8, 2016, 12:27 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
. . . the Dave Ellis Memorial Trophy is coming home!

Tanners Shropshire League secretary Andy Price has confirmed they are happy to give back the shield to the Mid Shropshire League.

The decision was agreed at the latest Tanners executive meeting at Bagley BC in Shrewsbury when it was recognised that the once annual challenge between the two leagues had run its course.

Tanners have won the trophy the last two times it has been played for, but the congestion on the end of season bowls calendar made it increasingly difficult for both leagues to find dates to play the challenge match - or select available bowlers.

Mid Shropshire officials hope to use the trophy, donated in memory of the late Bridgnorth bowler who was an big innovator on bowls results systems, for some kind of internal challenge - possibly along the lines of the men versus women match that was played to honour late chairman Dennis Lewis.