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Latest Update On Minutes Front

posted Nov 8, 2017, 12:01 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
Minutes of the October Executive Committee Meeting - held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at the Sir John Bayley Club



17/95  Chairman’s remarks to open the meeting

He congratulated St Georges on their Harris Cup and to all those who won their division. Commiserations to those teams who finished bottom. Think the weather was ok apart from one Friday. Hope everyone Winters well! 


17/96  Apologies & In Memoria

There were apologies from Richard Chesters, Steve Roberts and Phil King.


17/97  Minutes of the September Management Committee Meeting

The minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed by St Georges and seconded by Madeley Cricket Club. 

17/98  Matters arising

There were no matters arising. 


17/99  General Secretary’s report & Correspondence

Ladies and gents, the season is over for the bowlers now but the work continues for your League officers. In fact the pace is about to pick up for some of them!!

Following last month’s meeting, I have informed Wolverhampton-based ECC, who want to join our Friday night divisions in 2018, that the League require and official letter of application and assurances about player conduct. Nothing has been received as yet. I have contacted Staffs county assoc sec Mark Bircumshaw who, in his near 3 years in the role of secretary, has had no issues with ECC. But given the contacts for ECC from various websites, I am not actually sure who their bowls club secretary is! It could be Dave Taylor, or Cath Hyatt! Meeting informed other contact for ECC, Charles Evans, had died.

The report into Shifnal’s protest from the League’s new disciplinary committee will be heard later on the agenda and, once we know what their verdict is, we must decide what to do with the £30 protest cheque . . .

With competition secretary Phil King away on holiday, I had much more involvement than normal in arrangements for the Harris Cup final and I would like to thank Newport and Dave Doody for their efforts to stage the match.

I have been asked by Brian Williams to check the League’s minutes between 2004 and 2008 to see if Ally Williams was actually banned from playing bowls. He is eager to start playing again, but only in the Mid Shropshire Senior Citizens Lge.

The League proudly sent two teams down to Ludlow to take part in the Shropshire junior inter-league championship – making up a third of the entries! Both teams did us proud and the A team were mighty unlucky not to make the main final after drawing with hosts and red hot favourites Ludlow in their round robin group at Burway, where they took on a drew with five home bowlers out of six.

Sadly that match was marred by unacceptable language by the son of the Ludlow team manager, who after a protest made via the organiser, was made to offer a grudging apology to the lady marker he had abused. That cast a shadow over the day, but a never-say-die victory in the consolation final against Whitchurch A was a fantastic reward for the efforts of the youngsters, who were captained so well by league and county under-18 champion Harry Church. And big thanks to Brenda Slingo, Derek Killen and Phil Venables for all they did.

Another big success from my point of view was the re-launch of the Dave Ellis Shield in its new guise as a Mid Shropshire League ladies versus gents challenge match. It was played on Saturday (Sept 30) at Sinclair with a 6pm start and, due to the lateness of the arrangements, it was mainly matches of family or club connections.

In the end there were 15 individual games and the men ended up winning by 33 shots. Despite it being a wet night, everyone seemed to enjoy it and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed – so I intend to stick with the same format next year and have asked Allscott to host it, hopefully in September. But for now my sincere thanks go to Sinclair for all they did and everyone who took part.

And finally, perhaps the best news of all, just days after the September meeting I got mail from Sport England telling us that our second bid for a small grant to buy five sets of state of the art junior coaching junior equipment had been SUCCESSFUL.

We have been awarded £7,145 and to say I’m chuffed after so much hard work went into the bid is an understatement! It’s the culmination of three years work, which started with the Junior Development Policy that was eventually put into practice with the After Schools Bowls Club at Hadley Learning Community and Charlton. And that policy, with its lessons plans, is there for ALL member clubs who have the willingness to try and to boost their younger numbers to use when they approach their local primary school offering coaching for youngsters.

But this grant will help take the policy to a new level – and provide coaching for all ages at clubs not just in Mid Shropshire but all over the county.

There are still one or two things to iron out before we get the money – one being to go to the county association next week and the coaching body to set up a proper structure to implement use of the coaching equipment.

But this is a national first and my sincere thanks go to the likes of Steve Roberts and Rob Burroughs who worked so hard with me on the policy, the people and coaches who put it into practice at HLC, Joe Lockley at Energize and perhaps most of all my wife Marg who had to put up with all my moaning about the project taking up too much of my time.

I’m just so please to say we got there in the end!!!

Thank you . . .


Correspondence received 11th September– from Steve Wall, MSBL Webmaster:


The capacity of the league’s website is reaching its limit and proving a little difficult to manage, as files have to be deleted prior to uploading new files etc.

I think the time is rapidly approaching when we may have to move away from the excellent free service that Google sites has provided us with over the years, to a paid service hosted elsewhere.

I will do some background research and hopefully have some figure for the next league meeting.

Steve Wall


17/100  Treasurer’s report

We have a balance of £21,704. The end of season bills have come out later due to finishing the season in October, they need to be paid by November please.

17/101  Competition Secretary’s end of season review

Unfortunately I'm not able to attend tonight's meeting due to work commitments so here is my report,

  • Well done to Allscott on winning Ashton Shield and Wrockwardine Wood on winning Ashton Cup again - also to St Georges on their Harris cup win and Tom Killen for winning the Under-15 Merit.

  • My thanks to all the clubs for the use of their greens and well done to all the winners and runners-up this year.

  • It's that time of the year when I ask all league winners and comp winners that I need all cups / shields back so I can get them engraved.

  • And lastly, thanks must go to my fellow officers Sean , Mike and Malcolm for their help this year as I have been very busy with work.

  • Hopefully I won't be so busy next year - and if I have missed anyone out I apologise!


League to consider holding the Ashton finals on one day - either at two green venue or to run one after the other. This would avoid the use of August Bank Holiday weekend and reduce the commitment League officers make . . . .


17/102  Fixture Secretary’s report

Sir John Bayley have broken rule 21 again. They played a Division One player in Division Two. He recommended £25 fine along with the 5 points deduction. Everyone agreed. The Chairman said that he didn't like these rules that says up to an amount. It needs to be one way or another. 


17/103  Disciplinary Committee Report on Shifnal protest (div 2 home to Wrock Wd B on 14/7)

Shifnal Protest Hearing Report 7th Sep.

Shifnal Protest regarding MSBL div 2 fixture v Wrockwardine Wood B on July 14th 2017

The Disciplinary Committee, Dave Winwood, John Palmer, Terry Whitehouse and Colin Rudrum (Chair) met with Shifnal Representatives Stuart Duncan and Bob Haddon at Newport Bowling Club 7th Sep 2017.


All present had a copy of the Formal Protest from Shifnal regarding a scheduled match played on 14th July 2017.

The Protest stated that Wrockwardine Wood rescheduled a match for their 1st Div A team which should have been played on Friday 14th July to the previous night Thursday 13th July. This enabled them to field a much stronger team for Friday 14th July in the 2nd Div B team utilising players who do and normally play in their 1st Div A team on a Friday.

Shifnal A team Captain brought this to the attention of the Wrockwardine B team Captain who offered the reason that they would have been unable to field a team if these players did not play.

Shifnal BC believe that Wrockwardine Wood BC are in breach of Rule 21 h of the MSBL Rules and should forfeit the 4 games which the 4 Wrockwardine players who normally play for their A team who played in the scheduled (not rescheduled) match on Friday 14th July 2017 for Wrockwardine Wood B team. The four players being Sian Skelton, Steve Downs, Tony Garmson and Josh Cotton.

At our meeting Shifnal thought that WW failed to manage their Reg. 8’s properly and fairly. That they took advantage of the rearranged Rule to strengthen their Div 2 side by using Div 1 Bowlers who at the time were in the top ten of the Div 1 League. Shifnal also thought that WW could have rearranged their Div 2 match scheduled for the Friday 14th July instead of their Div 1 Match. They felt that the MSBL had let them down by allowing these players to play in a lower Div. which is not in the spirit of the game. The 4 players concerned are regular Div 1 players, 2 of which played only the one game all season in Div.2 and that was against Shifnal, and the other 2 played twice. The result of this match could have caused Shifnal’s Div 2 team to be relegated which would have caused the club to lose out financially.

The delegates of the committee replied that although no league rules were broken we could sympathise with the situation. Clubs can be dishonest and use the rules to their advantage, a much tighter Rule 21 is needed and worded so there is not the ambiguity of 21h.

Clubs should be more responsible and honest in monitoring their own Reg. 8’s.

The League Scrutineer must be seen to scrutinise more thoroughly.

The situation that brought about this protest was not directed at Shifnal but could have involved any club in the MSBL.

Shifnal representatives were asked to consider with their club to submit a rule which was clear not ambiguous to the MSBL AGM to replace or amend Rule 21.

The result of this match could have caused Shifnal to have been relegated which would have been unfair as no other team in the Division had played against the quality of those players that played in that game against them. Fortunately this situation has not been realised as the Shifnal team has finished in 11th position in the Div. 2. They would have finished 9th if those 4 games results were reversed.


Colin Rudrum, Disciplinary Committee Chairman


The chairman thanked Colin Rudrum, John Palmer, Terry Whitehouse & Dave Winwood for their time on the committee. He reminded clubs that it's their rules that they help write, but it might need looking at. John Palmer said we don't know what situation Wrockwardine Wood were in. Allan Gaut replied that they were short of a lot of players and were not trying to gain an advantage. It was suggested that the rule might need rewriting. You don't have to monitor your registered 8s as not in the rules. Steve Wall said we need an open and transparent process. The General Secretary commented that the disciplinary system worked.
Colin Rudrum thought they should get the cheque back as they went through with it to bring it to other clubs attention. Clubs need to be honest. The chairman said the clubs complain but it’s their rules, they can change it if they wish. John Palmer felt they didn’t need to go through with it because the officers said that no rules had been broken. Dave Evans commented that we could set a precedent. John Palmer brought up that rule 21h doesn’t cover games being brought forward. Steve Wall commented that this discussion suggests ambiguity. Colin Rudrum proposed they got their cheque back with Steve Wall seconding. 12 voted for with 2 against, passed. 
Allan Gaut asked about the rule of the Scruiteenier. He said that it was difficult to check 1000 bowlers. Allan replied they hadn’t changed their registered players much because it hadn’t been picked up. John Palmer said they were so many different circumstances to. Steve Wall commented it wasn’t just Shifnal. 

17/104 Sport England junior coaching grant bid update

This was covered in 17/99 General Secretary’s Report


17/105 ‘Future Ideas’ Sub Group recall

There will be a meeting either next week or the week after. The General Secretary will liaise with those involved and find a suitable date.


17/106 Annual Dinner update

The guests were decided as League President Mike & Linda Potter, Chairman Sean Round plus one, County President Mike Caddick plus one, Ladies September Isle of Man Winner Angela Gaut plus one, Junior Under 18 Merit champion and Junior Inter League Captain Harry Church and the sponsors. Marg Fletcher said that the wine is just to be paid on the night but needs to be ordered before. Choices need to be in by the November Meeting and money by the December one. 


17/107 County matters

The behaviour at the Junior Inter League will be raised at the County meeting. They had been questions over the behaviour of some players from Burway at the County Cup Final. Dave Peach had been banned from playing or attending any Bowls affiliated to the SCGBA. Steve Pessall asked what if he attends a public green. Bernard Higgins asked why he had been banned, which was because of his behaviour at a Tanners competition and County Cup Final. Steve Wall asked if the county could inform clubs who run Open Competitions about who is banned. 


17/108 Any Other Business

Steve Pessall said the ECC Open was now the St George’s Open. Graham Turner was just running it and they had put some money in. 
Dave Evans asked about putting the minutes on the website, which Rob Burroughs and Malcolm Fletcher will sort. 

With no further business the chairman closed the meeting at 8.38 p.m.