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Mike's Presidential Farewell

posted Jan 29, 2016, 3:18 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
Mike Potter, having served so superbly as the league's nomination for County President in 2015, will formally step down from the post at the county association's AGM on Monday, February 1, at Bagley BC in Shrewsbury (7.30pm).

Member clubs are urged to come a pay tribute to him for his efforts on the night - and are reminded that they will be fined £10 for non-attendance.

Here's is MIke's report to the AGM about his year in the figurehead role:

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the County Officers and League delegates for helping make the executive meetings a privilege to attend last year - and add a special note of thanks to Chairman, Barry Jennings and Secretary, Mo Corley for their advice and guidance that proved to be invaluable throughout my tenure as Deputy & County President.

I must also convey sincere thanks to officers and members of my home league, Mid-Shropshire, for affording their faith in me through support and nomination along with the scores of countywide goodwill messages making me welcome wherever I visited. I also fortunately received invitations to the presentation evenings of the Whitchurch, Market Drayton, Mid-Shropshire & Mid-Shropshire Senior Citizens Leagues. All of which were most enjoyable.

When first approached if I would be interested in taking on the role, I was sceptical about committing two years to what was being sold to me as “a chance in a lifetime opportunity”. Thankfully for me, I decided to accept the proposal viewing it not only as a chance but also “an adventure”. And I can honestly say the experience delivered just that, and more, as events stretched far beyond my expectations and furnished me with memories never to be forgotten.

From the off, I decided to learn lessons from this experience, the best of which started as my Presidential year began with one of my top fears as an obvious novice speech-maker being immediately under scrutiny when I was soon introduced to presentation evenings. And although I will not be joining the ranks as a professional after dinner speaker, I can at least say, whilst preparing, sleepless nights are almost a thing of the past.

Amongst many highlights I was privileged to attend, was in May when the Senior County team began their Inter-county campaign against competition debutants, the Isle of Man. Following over six months of email tennis and negotiations by County Secretary Mo Corley and her I.o.M. counterpart, I joined a small party that flew in and subsequently dashed our hosts hopes in the historic match that set us on the way towards another agonizingly close semi-final defeat(6 chalks) with our nemesis Warwick & Worcester.

A noble effort for a squad in transition following the departure of 10 established players through age limitations saw the Junior team succumb to a similar fate(5 chalks) in their semi-final with Wales. After seeing this new crop of fledglings perform, confidence and competence within the squad is very promising and I predict at least a semi-final place will be achieved in 2016.

I would also like to acknowledge the feats and successes of individual players and teams in events organised by the Association. In June, Allscott BC hosted on our behalf, the Finals day of the Senior Individual Merit. And at the conclusion of a precision organisational triumph for the club, we saw an impressive Robert Roden emerge as a worthy Champion.

Other County Champions included Liam Jones & Jodie Rutter (Mixed Doubles), Rich Lawson (Handicap), Peter & James Farmer (Father & Son), Wem League (Senior Interleague), Mid Shropshire League (Veterans Interleague), Mick Jones (Veterans Merit), Aaron King (Junior Merit), Adderley BC (Consolation Cup), Castlefields BC (County Cup), Scott Harries & Jamie King (Doubles). Elsewhere, Callum Wraight celebrated his 28th birthday by winning in style, the BCGBA Champion of Champions that began a month of domineering form where he added several more titles. And for anyone else talented enough to gain an award, be it at National, County, League or Club, I salute you all.

I hope everyone will share my final thought. We all know successful organisations rely on certain individuals and for our game to thrive, we too are reliant on the few. I’m referring to the officers of the county, leagues, clubs and competition organisers. For these dedicated souls are prepared to do the work most of us can’t or won’t do, often giving time and effort for little or no recompense. So I urge the bowling community to support your officials through acknowledgement or competition entry. Put plainly, with our support, they can secure future enjoyment of the game.

As my term in office closes and I join the ranks of Past Presidents, I have with me a collection of treasured memories to inspire as I endeavour to promote and support our Association and its members continued participating at the highest level within our beloved sport.

I see exciting times ahead await us and congratulate my good friends Phil Scott as our 2016 President with his deputy, Mick Caddick upon their appointments and look forward to sharing in their success."

2015 S.C.G.B.A. President – Mike Potter