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New Venture To Help Clubs With Their Greens . . .

posted Jan 10, 2017, 12:18 PM by Malcolm Fletcher   [ updated Jan 11, 2017, 12:46 AM by stephen wall ]

Shropshire Verti-Drain & Turf Services

What is the purpose of this venture?

The sole aim of local bowler, Mike Humphries, in this project, is to provide a low cost vert-draining service as an alternative to the large commercial companies, therefore allowing clubs to carry out this important maintenance activity on a regular basis, within their limited funds.
Mike is a bowler, albeit only a recent convert, but whilst helping with the upkeep of his own club’s greens, has identified this need within local clubs and is prepared to offer this service with the only aim being able to cover the considerable outlay in equipment over a five year period.

Verti-draining? Why do it?

Relieve compaction and allow air, water and fertilizer to be effectively dispersed throughout the soil
Healthy turf resists stress and requires less frequent watering and less costly maintenance

What equipment will be used?

Charterhouse Vertidrain 7212
  • The machine has a 1.3 metre operating width
  • It operates with ½ inch (12.5mm) and ¾ inch (19mm) solid tines to a depth of up to 10 inches (250mm)
  • The machine can also be fitted with hollow core tines for end of season work
  • The equipment will be pulled by a small Kubota tractor with a width of 53.8 inches (1.366m)
  • On average it takes 2.5 / 3.0 hours to put a 10 inch aeration hole every 4 inches of a bowling green

When can the equipment be used?

Usually in the Autumn (October / November) and / or early Spring (End of February / March)
It can be used at any time of year, weather and surface dependent 

What would we normally be expected to pay?

Recent enquiries have shown costs from local contractors to be in excess of £420 Inc. VAT for one bowling green.

What are the costs through SVTS?

Mike is proposing to charge between £200 and £250 dependent upon green size.
No VAT to add on.
Clubs taking up the offer of a bi-annual verti-draining visit may be offered a discount.
Additional services
Mike will also be offering these services to local cricket / football / rugby clubs at rates of £300 / £350 dependent upon the size of field.
Obviously, the more of this alternative work Mike is able to obtain will help to keep costs down for all parties.

Where’s the catch?

There honestly isn’t one.As already explained this is one fellow bowler’s attempt to offer an affordable service in an area of limited alternatives at high costs.

 What do I do next?

Mike is taking appointments for February & March 2017 now so……………….

Contact Mike Humphries to book your appointment

Phone: 01952 279739

Mobile: 07914 410160

E-Mail: mikehumphries@virginmedia.com