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October Executive Meeting Update

posted Oct 6, 2016, 12:34 PM by Malcolm Fletcher
The League Officers Proposal for the October executive meeting below was passed unanimously:  

 "Donnington Wood A be deducted 3 points from their first division total for the 2016 season, as per Unsociable Behaviour & Bad Language rule 22 (a)."

Before the meeting started Donnington Wood paid £19.25 to cover the cost of the general secretary’s travelling expenses (77 miles at 25p per mile) to watch three of their first division fixtures as requested. SO this sum will not now be deducted from that team's prize money. 

League Officers Proposals for Sub Group - which is to meet on Thursday 13 October - with a view to going forward to the 2017 AGM 

1 - We will be proposing a new rule that will formally make clubs responsible for the behaviour of all their bowlers and supporters at all league matches, competitions and promotions. 

2 - We will be proposing a new rule that will give the League the right to refuse (or suspend) the registration of any bowler deemed unfit to participate in terms of his or her conduct, including via social media. Steve Wall's proposed Code of Conduct will come into play on this point. 

3 - We will be formally requesting that any club that hosts a league competition, when called upon by a league officer, agrees to ask any bowler barred from league comps to leave their premises. 

4 - The competition secretary will propose for 2017 that three bowlers – Gavin Taylor, Graham Turner and Mick Wesley – be banned from entering any League competition after their misconduct at the 2015 Dixon Driscoll Doubles finals.    
A meeting is to be called for November to make plans for next year's Junior Development Policy offerings - hopefully at HLC again and also in conjunction with Sinclair

DON'T FORGET, If you want to attend the annual dinner on Saturday 14 January you need to contact your club secretary to book a place.

The menu and full details will be posted on the website later this week and places need to be booked by the November meeting . .