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Parking For Friday Matches At Newport

posted Apr 27, 2017, 11:39 AM by Malcolm Fletcher

NOTIFICTATION RECEIVED from Newport BC, on Thursday 27th April:

"As you are aware, bowlers of Newport and visiting teams are able to use the car park facilities of our neighbour Newport Cricket Club.

However, last Thursday, someone came into our club and advised our barman that we could no longer use the cricket club car park on Friday evenings.

The following day, access to the cricket club was being denied to anyone other than parents of children attending Cricket Coaching, at the Cricket Club.

We have asked the officials of the cricket club for confirmation in writing of this policy, and it's anticipated timescale, but  to date have received no official correspondence.

We believe that the reason is likely to be a Health and Safety issue, either relating to the volume of vehicles using the drive, or due to possible access problems for any emergency vehicle. But are not certain about this. However, if this is the case, then the restriction is likely to end some time in July.

In the circumstances, at a Management Committee meeting last night, I have been asked to notify you of the above situation and ask that a note be placed on the League's website, that for the time being, parking on the cricket club car park is no longer possible for Friday nights.

It is recommended that parking takes place on Audley Avenue, i.e past the turning into the cricket club car park.

I will update you further when we receive formal notification from the cricket club about the situation.

Many thanks

Steve Anyon - Playing Secretary, Newport BC