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Sub Group Has Plenty On Its Plate

posted Oct 17, 2016, 11:50 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
The MSBL Sub Group - including officers - meets on Tuesday 18 October with the following items among those to be  to discussed:

1 Consideration / wording of a new rule to make clubs responsible for the behaviour of all their bowlers and supporters at all league matches, competitions and promotions.

2 Consideration / wording of a new rule to give the League the right to refuse (or suspend) the registration of any bowler deemed unfit to participate in terms of his or her conduct, including via social media (Steve Wall has produced a draft Code of Conduct to this end)

3 Consideration / wording of a new rule so that any club that hosts a league competition can be requested, when called upon by a league officer, agrees to ask any bowler barred from league comps to leave their premises.

4 Formalising the Disciplinary Committee structure (with Colin Rudrum as chair)? 

5 Senior Merit eligibility – at the request of League President Mike Potter

6  Under-25 & Over-60 Merits into rules

7  Need for competition sponsors to boost prize money levels 

Members will bear in mind that, at a meeting in April, the Sub Group agreed to propose moving the April Executive to March and to  make that the new cut off for team withdrawals without punishment (not March 14 as it is too late for fixtures, handbook etc) 

And that officers are already working on start and finish dates for the 2017 fixtures (Good Friday is on 14 April) – with no cup finals on bank holiday weekends!