Management Rules & General Rules

Updated after 2018 AGM on January 30
A pdf version available for download can be found at the bottom of this page)

Name of the League:

1. The League shall be known as the Mid Shropshire Bowling League but this may be altered to meet the conditions of any sponsorship agreement. League competitions may also bear the name of a sponsor.


2. The Officers shall be a President, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, General Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and Competitions Secretary.

Annual General Meeting:

3. The AGM shall be held in January of each year on a date fixed by the Management Committee and shall commence at 7.00pm. The meeting shall elect Officers as per rule 2, appoint representatives to serve on outside bodies, appoint Auditors and receive audited statement of the League’s financial accounts. It will also deal with any propositions for rule changes. The AGM shall also settle all honorariums.

NOTE: Club delegates agreed late in 2014 that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) should be used to calculate honoraria increases, with October the trigger point. In October 2014 the CPI was 1.2%.

Executive Committee:

4. The Executive Committee shall consist of delegates from each Club, together with Officers of the League. The Committee shall meet on the first Tuesday of March, July and October at 7.30pm and on other occasions as the Management Committee deem necessary.

Management Committee:

5. The Management Committee shall consist of delegates from each club, together with the Officers of the League. The Committee shall meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in February, April, May, June, September, November and December (ie NOT January and August).

Voting & Attendance:

6. (a) All decisions taken at meetings shall be made by a simple majority of those present and voting.

(b) Those entitled to vote at meetings shall be accredited representatives of each Club.

(c) Each Club shall be entitled to ONE vote.

(d) Any registered bowler in the League may attend and, at the discretion of the Chairman, speak at meetings of the Executive or Management Committee.

(e) Any Club failing to send a representative to the Annual General or Executive Meeting shall be fined £5.

(f) A quorum for all League meetings shall be at least 8 club delegates.

Alteration of Rules:

7. The rules of the League may only be altered at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals to make such amendments or alterations shall be given in writing to the League secretary not later than the 31st October. The League secretary shall distribute the Proposals to Clubs together with the notice for the December meeting. See also rule 14.

Notice of Meetings:

8. Notice of meetings shall be given to each Club 7 days prior to the meeting and to include Minutes of previous meetings, Agenda and any relevant correspondence.


9. (a) Clubs shall pay an entrance fee of £5 per team when joining the League and thereafter an annual subscription of £10 per team.

(b) Clubs shall pay 25p each year for each player signed on the League Registration Form.

(c) Each Club shall receive 2 tickets for the Annual Presentation Dinner, the cost of which shall be invoiced by the Treasurer with the end of season account.

(d) The Treasurer shall invoice all Clubs in September for all fees due, including match fees up to the end of the season. This account shall be paid by the October Executive Committee meeting. Any Club not paying the account by the due date will be fined £25. Any fines accrued after the September issue of a Club's account shall be added to the following year's account.

(e) Clubs shall pay a match fee for each player per match.

(f) The League is a not for profit organisation – and all annual surpluses will be put back into the organisation to continue to pay for its activities and functions, and to further develop all aspects of the game.

Prize Money:

10. (a) The Executive Committee shall at their March meeting settle all match fees, entry fees for competitions, prize money for divisions, competitions and individual aggregates. Prize money for competitions will be subject to the number of entries and this will be stated on all entry forms.

(b) Prize money will be awarded in all divisions, and will be withheld if a team, due for promotion, refuses to accept for any other reason than green availability.

(c) Any team unable to take promotion due to green unavailability will receive full prize money the first year. If the same team is due to receive prize money the next year, then the amount will be reduced by 50%. The same team will then revert to full prize money the following year.

(d) Winners of individual aggregates shall receive an engraved trophy and a monetary award. Players having played six games in division 1, 2 or 3 shall not be eligible for this award in divisions 4 or lower. Players receiving a walk over in a League match shall be credited with a win and the score shall be 21-11. Qualification for this award shall be the player with the most wins. If two or more players finish level, the award goes to the player with the better aggregate.

(e) All prize money will be paid on Presentation Night to the winner or representative. Prize money not collected as above must be claimed on or before the Management Meeting following the presentation, after which it will be forfeited and returned to league funds.

(f) Any Player winning the individual aggregate prize in the same division and consecutively, and has won it playing for a team who declined promotion to a higher division for reasons other than green unavailability, shall forfeit their prize money every second year they win it consecutively;

Structure of League:

11. The number of divisions and the number of teams per division for the forthcoming season will be finalised at the League’s meeting in February.

Registration of Teams:

12. (a) Any new Club or existing Club who is in the position to support an additional team on a Friday night may apply to the League to be placed in a Friday night division (subject to those divisions not being fully subscribed).

(b) Clubs shall by the League’s February meeting advise the Fixture Secretary of the number of teams that they will be entering in the League for the forthcoming season, together with the green that each team will play on, if the Club has more than one green.

(c) Clubs wishing to withdraw a team from the League must notify the League secretary not later than the March Executive Committee meeting. Failure to do so will result in the Club being fined £50.

(d) Withdrawal of any team from the League will be discussed and approved by the Management/Executive committee. Clubs will be expected to withdraw their lowest team from the Monday or Friday night divisions, unless they receive special permission from the Management/Executive committee..

(e) Any Club in receipt of a loan from the League who resign shall be liable to repay that loan immediately, irrespective of any time limit given at the time the loan was granted.

(f) Following the Shropshire Premier Bowling League ‘play off’ in October if this results in a team identified with a Mid Shropshire Bowling league based club being relegated then this team should be afforded a place in the First Division of the Mid Shropshire Bowling League, unless that club already has a presence in that division. This rule shall only apply to teams that originally entered the Premier League from the Mid Shropshire Bowling League.

(g) If it is necessary to incorporate that team in the First Division when no vacancy exists, then for the following season the first division should play with one extra team and relegate three teams in the season thereafter.

Honorary Members:

13. The Annual General Meeting shall on the recommendation of the Executive or Management Committees be empowered to award Honorary Life membership of the League to recognise outstanding service to the League or Crown Green Bowling.

Extraordinary General Meeting:

14. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of a majority of the League Officers or a minimum of one third of the Clubs registered in the Mid-Shropshire Bowling League provided 14 days notice is given and the Meeting held within 28 days of the notice of the request. Only business stated on the request shall be discussed at the EGM, but this may result in a change to League rules.

Child Protection:

15. The League, being affiliated to the sport’s governing body – the British Crown Green Bowling Association - adheres to its Child Protection Policy (BCGBA Bye Laws rule 30) and its Mission Statement on the subject. 
Charitable Dissolution: 

16. Should an AGM or EGM decide, by a majority, on grounds of expediency or otherwise, to dissolve the League, a meeting of all member clubs will be called within 28 days. At this meeting, if a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote decide to dissolve the League, the Executive Committee shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the League after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of such assets shall be the member clubs or such charities as decided by a majority of member clubs.


1. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the League Executive whose decision is final.

2. The Management or Executive Committee will take any appropriate action, if it is in the opinion of the Management or Executive Committee that a Club/player has conducted itself/themselves in a manner that is considered to un-gentlemanly or un-sporting.
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