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Clubs And Their Bowlers Matter

posted Nov 12, 2020, 11:50 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
Released from Club Matters (Sport England) via the BCGBA:

Our helpful tools, videos and advice from other organisations within the sector, can be accessed via our dedicated hub page here: Club Matters Coronavirus Guidance
The resources include:
·        Business Continuity Planning 
Our Return to Play resources will continue to be available via our website too for when the time comes to return: Club Matters Returning to Play

Our Return to Sport/Activity Surveys, which ran during July and August 2020, revealed that regular, effective communication was key to keeping members/participants and volunteers connected and engaged during lockdown and encouraging their return on reopening.
The findings showed that:
  • When clubs/groups get their comms wrong or they’re inconsistent, people feel; hesitant, nervous, confused, worried and neglected.
  • But when they get their comms right, people feel; valued, grateful, optimistic, excited, trusted and expectant.
Good communication can help people stay connected during these difficult times and can help ease anxiety around returning to sport/activity when the time is right. Communicating and engaging as a virtual club and making the most of social media channels has never been so important.
Our online guides have been updated and are here to help: