No County or BCGBA comps in 2020

posted May 12, 2020, 11:54 AM by Malcolm Fletcher
County competitions

Because of the current unprecedented situation, unfortunately, it will not be possible to hold any County competitions during 2020.

SCGBA - Competition Authorities

If any club who has purchased a competition authority in 2020, is unable to stage the competition, then the Competition Authority will be honoured for 2021 season.

BCGBA competitions
Following discussions and a County level survey on BCGBA National competitions, we have decided to roll over all competitions to 2021.

This means that the fixtures for County Championships 2020, will be moved to 2021 with a subsequent delay in the 5 year rota.

This also covers Men's, Juniors, Veterans and Ladies Competitions and will likewise be moved to 2021.

BCGBA Open Certificates
All certificates issued in 2020 with a January, February or March date, are now extended to cover until 31st October 2021.